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make sure she shows you how to do it, as something tells me that this won't be the last time that someone requests an enlarged view of medals/badges, as you have a knack for acquiring and posting some very interesting photos!

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To me the first one looks like the Jubilee Memorial Medal for 50 years of entering the throne of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria. They were two versions of it one for armed and police forces the other one for federal employees. 

the medal

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Thank you BlackcowboyBS for the information on the medals. He clearly was proud of them to wear them for this photograph. I am attaching a detail of the medals. The original image is pretty clear for sure so hopefully this helps with additional information. Love to know his career. 

Eric...here is a photograph of the badge. My daughter is a stay-at-home-college-student due to Covid so she is happy to have the diversion from her studies. And dad is happy to let her go at it. The badge in the photograph seems to be identical to yours .Hard to tell how it is mounted as he is wearing such a dark suit and the badge is a bit out of focus in the original.

Thanks for the compliment about my collection. I have been buying photographs for a long time and I hunt for images of medal wearers which is pretty esoteric. Having moved across the country several times, photographs are a more portable (sort of) way of having a big collection. 



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So more hunting turned up this German-American cabinet card. The imprint on the reverse is from Mt. Pleasant Pennsylvania. The borough of Mt. Pleasant in the western part of Pennsylvania. Clearly another veteran of European war who was proud of his medals. The image is washed out so identifying them may be pretty hard but I would be curious as to his career. No names or dates. 





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@Wyomingguy Nice picture - though the quality is yet not good enough to be sure it may well be a Hanoverian veteran of 1866 who afterwards served with the Prussians in 1870/71, wearing the (small, left) Allgemeine Ehrenzeichen für Militärverdienst, in the middle the commemorative Langensalza-Medaille and to the right the Prussian Kriegsdenkmünze für die Feldzüge 1870/71. Would love to see a larger scan to be sure about it. Cheers

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