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Naming on Metropolitan Police Medals, 1st & Middle Initial, or Just 1st ?

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Hi Guys,  I'm doing my best to acquaint myself with UK Metropolitan Police Medals, & although I'm moving along, albeit somewhat slowly, I still have a few questions that unless I learn the answers, I remain uncertain as to move forward with some of my potential purchases ? A case in point is; Some medals when researched via the PRO, or Ancestry UK will indicate an middle name in addition to of course the first name. However, the medal is named to just the first initial, with no mention of the middle ? Was this a common, accepted practice, or did it depend upon how the recipient wished his medal named or ? One of my recent acquisitions exhibits this very same issue. Upon checking his Pension File, I noted an middle name, although no middle initial was indicated on his medal ? PLEASE, any comments or input regarding this particular issue will be deeply appreciated. THANKS


          Best,   Dom P. / dpast32

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If you look through the Attestation Registers in the MEPO 4 series of records (these registers were the books that officers signed when they swore their various oaths on joining) many of the officers had more than one forename.  However the vast majority of the 1887 to 1911 Jubilee and Coronation (Police) Medals for Met officers show only one initial.  I have quite a few of these medals but only one which shows two initials (and would you believe it the second one is actually wrong!).  So it would appear to have been the normal practice for the medals to be engraved with just a single initial.

There were no medal rolls for these medals and I suspect the vast majority of the medals were named by the engravers using the Divisional weekly pay lists -  each week these were drawn up and the officers in the division signed to show they had received their pay.  These lists covered all ranks from Chief Inspector down to Constable. (I assume Superintendents and above were salaried rather than paid weekly).  So to compile the vast majority of the names for those entitled to the medal you would just need to use the pay lists for each division for the particular week that included the respective Coronation / Jubilee as all officers in the  Met received the medals.     

There are just a few examples of these pay lists at Kew.  I have a page of one for 4th Div (Chatham & Sheerness Dockyards) here in front of me for 6 - 12 April 1891.  It shows only the man's first name and his surname so this I think is why the medals only show one initial.   There may be another source for these pay lists but sadly there are just 4 at Kew.  However the 4th Div one I have is useful as it shows 4 men who I have medals for and gives me their signatures and rate of pay.

I hope that answers your query

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THANK YOU Odin Mk 3, very much !! For some reason, I never received any notice of your replies here, hence my only replying to my now. I just replied a few minutes ago to another of your very kind replies. Hopefully, with everyone's kind assistance I'm making good progress. THANKS AGAIN,


            Best,   Dom P. / dpast32

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