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DDR / East German Reference Books Data Base

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A great all around reference is "East Germany a country study." I was able to find the 1988 edition at my branch library in the stack. I don't know if I can find one online but I will start searching. The book is great for an overview reference and has many chapters, a whole section of the book dedicated to "national defense" with all of the armed forces, border guard, and such. It contains mostly text with quite a good number of b/w photography. In addition, there's an extensive bibliography in the back which I'm sure will point to many more sources. Obviously it is English text.

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Now THAT should be put on a CD or reprinted! Really great reference!!!!

I'd love to see the next volumes-Bulgaria, Rumania, Hungary etc.-maybe even Ethiopia and Cuba? (Not part of the Pact, but allied-one can hope....)

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Hi Paul,

post 4: "A very nice DDR(1977) published book"

I do not believe that it is published in 1977.

That is the book cover of the second edition 1983.

The first edition is from 1980:



I have a copy of the 1983 edition. Very good and very hard to find. Kevin

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Frank Bartel, DDR-Spezialkatalog I, 1. edition 1990, 128 pages

Frank Bartel, DDR-Spezialkatalog II, 1. edition 1991, 128 pages

Frank Bartel, DDR-Spezialkatalog III, 1. edition 1991, 160 pages

Frank Bartel, DDR-Spezialkatalog IV, 1. edition 1993, 160 pages



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Here are some DDR reference books from my library. When I find time I'll post more. I'll only comment on the book if there is something specific to say about it. If it is pictured here I beleive it is worth having in your library. All of these books came from Germany.

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#8 The author of this book planned on doing a whole series on different subjects. This one didn't sell well so no more were produced. The reason they didn't sell was probably because of the size. It is a very small book for a reference one. Bring money of you want to buy one of these, if you can find one.

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