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Order of Merit of the Prussian Crown sold in Sweden today

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The Order of Merit of the Prussian Crown that was awarded to Swedish prime minister Arvid Lindman was sold today in auction for 370 000 SEK which is about 36 000 € plus 22,5% commission.

Apparently only 57 ever awarded!

See the beautiful pictures here:



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Strange, I don't get any warning and it's a well known auction house. 

You may try to go the long way and go to www.probusauktioner.se and click on "catalogue 35...." in the top right
and then "samtliga utrop" and the orders are on page 10. 

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2 hours ago, 1812 Overture said:

I can open it too, there is no virus prompt, but I can’t see any pictures (pretend to be happy):banger:

Strange. But here are one of the photos for you to enjoy. 



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Some other pictures i saved from somewhere and have in my digital archive:

General der Infanterie Konrad Ernst von Gossler • Virtuelles Ordensmuseum

Sekt & glitzernde Orden auf Schloss Sanssouci gab es bei der Präsentation  ...

(I think this display is from Klingbeils Collection)

Wilhelm II *27.01.1859-+German Emperor 1888-1918King of Prussia- in... News  Photo - Getty Images

(Wilhelm II wearing it around the neck, one of my favourite photos of him; he is also casually wearing his Spanish fleece like it is an austrian 😅)

Verdienstorden der preußischen Krone, Kreuz mit Schwertern und Schärpe

(The one from the DHM that hasn't been stolen)

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Hi VtwinVince,

I apologize for this late acknowledgment, but have been experiencing problems posting - let's hope that this works.

Obviously, the piece that I posted is a Merit Order of the Prussian Crown, Kleindekoration. I can only tell you  that it is silver gilt (not gold which is not a problem) and came from the collection of Mr. Carsten Klingbeil. Further, it is illustrated in  Thies/Kiligbeil Band 3,, located at seite 46,  #1494.

Below (I hope) is a view of the reverse.


Wild Card


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