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Zimbabwe Order of Merit miniature


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I've got a miniature medal (size 36 mm) looks like Zimbabwe Order of Merit. At least very similar... but The Bird of Zimbabwe is facing opposite direction :(

What is this? Can anybody help me to solve the puzzle?





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I don't collect to Zimbabwe but I know a bit of the history and it's my thought that the 'traditional' form is the right-facing eagle.  But I may be wrong about that.  Possible explanation for a switch to 'right' from 'left' is that it appears to have been a right on Rhodesian coinage and state emblems.


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Hello Gentlemen,

Hello Dug, 

The miniature you posted, is actually Rhodesia Legion of Merit, it's the Order of the Rhodesia Republic from 1970 to 1980. But actually the Zimbabwe bird shall face to the left.

This is how shall looks like a real one, full size. Very few were actually issued. 

Sadly this one, is not part of my collection ( Photo 1 & 2 ).

The 3rd photo is the Commander Breast Star of the Rhodesian Legion of Merit from my collection. Despite these (3rd photo ) have never flooded the market, I have been said that it's actually a "SPECIMEN ISSUE" , using same dies as the original ones. Reverse is not hallmarked on mine.

The later Zimbabwe Order of Merit is a similar looking Order, but on zimbabwean version, the name of the Order is written on a red enamel background, around the center.

Regards to all.


Rhodesia Order Legion of Merit Commander star issued.jpg

Rhodesia Order Legion of Merit Commander star reverse issued.jpg

Rhodesia Legion of Merit Grand Officer Star.jpg

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Thanks a lot, Emmanuel

You are 100 per cent right, it's Rhodesian Legion of Merit Star. 

But the puzzle's left unsold. Why Bird of Zimbabwe looks opposite side - right instead of left? Any idea?

Generally the miniature looks very nice but that mistake ...

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Hello Dug,

Miniature are almost always "private manufacture". it is useless to try to make sense of anything you see in the world (not only medals). Because sometimes, items have been designed such as this.....

The Medal for Wounds of Kingdom of Morocco is a circular medal (in its full size), and sole manufacturer is Arthus Bertrand from Paris => why then Arthus Bertrand did manufacture the miniature of this medal, as a rectangular one....? I asked them about 20 years ago, ....nobody knew..........And again if the ribbon of my full size Wound Medal looks a bit "odd", it's because I bought that medal, without ribbon, and I put an old UK AFC ribbon on it. Stripes should be a bit thinner. But this ribbon matches 99 %, so it's better than nothing.

The phaleristic world is full of such stories.



Morocco Wounded Medal obverse.jpg

Morocco Wound Medal miniature.jpg

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