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Johannesburg Zuid-Afrikaansche Rijdende Politie (ZARP) assistance please


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Greetings, thank you for allowing me to join here.

This is a photo of one of my GGF's: Dekker, van der Schyff, Minnie or du Plessis. The collar number is 333 as far as I can make out, are there attestation/records that you know of?
I am guessing, after brief research, that the period is 1890-1900 and that could be a Lee Metford rifle, but I cannot be sure.
There are badges which I think we have identified as ZARP
As a young boy we would visit my Ouma in Vryheid and drive to some of the battlefields for day trips.
One of my GGF's Du Plessis, Francois Jacobus, was part of the Wenkommnado at Bloedrivier.
The only shako/ kepi type head dress in SA that I am aware of was more modern and was part of my State President's Guard uniform that I wore in the 1980's, while serving in the SADF, we changed to the pith helmet, again, after that. Thank you for looking.


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Hi, don't know what your question is but I found this photo on the Internet and maybe it helps answer that question.


Clip_2.jpg.f503ada89aa17d4c768a54c350414772.jpg       Clip_3.jpg.433160a0dc1b5ec9b6259db38f14cb7e.jpg


PS: ZARP stands for Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek Politie !

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