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Iron Cross Project... at last .. opinions wanted please....

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Some of you have known me for almost 2 decades now... how I have droned on and on about huge projects dealing with the iron cross award documents... I have made many false starts... but I think i have it mailed now ... I would like to do a Book on Bavarian Infantry and Jäger... and space permitting cover all the Alpenkorps units and maybe some Pionier units.

Format will be Iron Cross award documents and Period Photos of men in the regiments... I will have some info to the units, most importantly regimental commanders as they usually signed the documents (Unless Generals did) ... some information about the men whose documents are shown.

I chose the 8th BIR to do a sample page, It does not have the best documents, and the photos are not super sexy, but I needed a test unit ... does anyone have thoughts on the format?




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16 minutes ago, Eric Stahlhut said:

have you messed around with different fonts?


am still miles away from that. At the moment I am just trying to get an idea of how it would look on a page. I only have freeware for layout, so Fonts, Size, etc. etc are all Greek to me... so the idea is there... whether the layout etc will be the straw that breaks the camels back I know not... I hope not....

Some regiments like this will be rather short, 2-4 pages, some will be much more in depth and may run 10-20 pages... I am playing with the short ones before i jump into the "big" ones... page1.thumb.jpg.9699ad1d9c93a7f033554fce0a282b09.jpgpage2.thumb.jpg.b06f69f65cf59a6b5c55bcb0307e97ed.jpg

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Posted (edited)

Hi Chris,

Been playing with similar ideas myself, and found myself facing the similar questions.

Basically what you do not really want - is a book mostly targeting ... yourself as an audience !



So a trap is probably the natural desire and pleasure to showcase your favourite pieces.

If your book is about the Iron Cross Diplomas - then that should be I guess your entry questions :

What will Diploma Collectors be interested in ? What would be their best collecting companion ?


A few suggestions :

- Generalities Conditions of award (and maybe the texts) ; possibly the IC and the Bavarian Army (what it meant)

- Types of Document awarded to Bavaria Troops

(& other documents relted to IC awarding, in case they come with letters etc..)

- Number of IC awarded along the war

- Try to get an idea of Number of Documents awarded per Type

- Practical info how to analyse documents

- Desireability of the Document (based on a combination of raity, unit prestige, specific actions...)

- ..any relevant criteria you can think of (I don't know much about that field).


A lot of course depends on what compiled info you can obtain to give bigger figures.

Up to you to devise a typology of Documents that suits you.


I'd suggest, when coming down to the "sexy" pages of the Regiments/Units, that you include :

- Bullet list of main theatres / battes / actions

- Casualties of the regiment (always helping to know which ones fought "hard")

- If possible, number of IC awarded (by year even better)

- Maybe a "Database" of signatures found on documents, so collectors know who signed theirs ?


Of course mapping out all that could be included will also help you find out all the "dead angles" where you may be missing info.


Basically, if enough info is available, that should help collectors :

- Understand their docs and their desireability

- Brag to their fellow collectors (never to be underestimated !!) 🤣

- Establish a collection pattern ("how can I sort them out, and what am I looking for next ?")


If you want a brilliant example of how a book can be  devised on a very connected topic, there has been some absolutely fantastic books on French Medal Brevet documents, prepred by Editions PBCO :


(click on the related images, you'll get to some sample pages  ; in French, but you'll see the layout, that may give you ideas for what is relevant)

I am a big fan of their work !


Enjoy !


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