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 Cześć wszystkim !

Szukam informacji o tej odznace. Czy jest to coś związanego z opieką społeczną? A może z kapelanem wojskowym?



Hi everyone!

I am looking for information about this badge. Is there anything related to social care? Or maybe with a military chaplain?
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Well, the observe seems to be that of the silesian eagle, and the city of Breslau being engraved on the back would confirm that as its place or origin. It was clearly a pin back, if you look closely at the reverse, you can start to notice a difference in texture in the middle, this is probably where the original pin was set, but, as the grey marks prove, it was later replaced with a solder and a pin, thus obscuring some of the engraving. The A. K... is probably the owners name, and the Wehr. leads me to believe that this is a second world war pin, but I could be wrong. The 6 could possibly be his membership number, or number of badge, but "Truppen fur sorge" is probably a veterans care, or advocacy group. Most likely it is just one of the numerous veteran associations that were created after the war, but this one with a particular focus on medical or some other form of veteran care.

I hope I was atleaste of some help.

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Interesting badge I've never seen before. It is for those involved in caring for troops in need of medical attention, and the engraving gives the area as Wehrkreis III Breslau.

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the badge is interesting, but the engraving confuses me in that breslau was designated wehrkreis VIII rather than wehrkreis III, which is berlin. perhaps different during the weimar era??


p.s. designation 'breslau III' is valid, but not sure if it should be used in conjunction with 'wehrkreis'

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