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AGSM Nyasaland 1915

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I just wanted to share my first AGSM with Nyasaland 1915 clasp

The medal is heavily polished both front and back, I think there was only 84 Nyasaland 1915 clasps awarded to this battalion  - correct me if I am wrong or misinformed

I have had problems truing to find his medal roll, if anyone can assist where I maybe able to find this would be appreciated

named to:

Name: Miswake,

Rank: Sgt. 

Service number: 177

1st Battalion KAR


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I cannot comment on the medal roll but Peter Charlton's excellent 227 A4-size-page book CINDERELLA's SOLDIERS.  THE NYASALAND VOLUNTEER RESERVE has an Appendix No. 6 - Roll of Nyasaland Volunteer Reserve Members awarded Africa General Service Medal with Bar Nyasaland 1915 for Chilembe Uprising.  247 names are listed, 10 are Europeans and a Doctor from 1 KAR, and the remainder are Europeans on the Nyasaland Volunteer Reserve plus a few government officials.  Good Luck.  Harry


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