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OKH Major and General Staff Officer with Spanish Military Merit Grand Cross in white to ID

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I picked this up in a German auction today. I have looked through lists of the Army officers assigned to the Heer Legion Condor units and early war OKH GS Officers did not find a good match. The drawing is dated 1943 but the date of the image must be very early war. He has WWI Bavarian awards and what looks like the 1901 Prince Luitpold medal putting him close to 60 in the time of the start of the war.  He is not wearing the Legion Condor Spanish cross on the right so I had thoguht it might be before May 1939 when the crosses were awarded but he appears to have a KVK in his button hole which would mean after the war started in late 1939. The other ribbon is red and white ribbon (also Spanish?) under it. Any help appreciated. 

1e693d13-9b7f-4899-b454-acd800c24d61 (1).jpg

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