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This is an officer's grade regimental badge of the 2nd Rokitnianski Light-Horse (Lancer) Cavalry Regiment of Starogard Poland.


Your side-view photo of the back is excellent;  your other 3 photos are small, dark and out of focus. Absolutely terrible.


Based on the one good picture you posted, your badge has a decent chance of being genuine.  But we will need to see better, detailed, in-focus photos taken in daylight of the obverse and the edges.  The screw-on disc is definitely not an original item... possibly a replacement for a missing disc.


I should point out that this cavalry badge is very rare and quite expensive.  Originals sell for around one thousand euro.  So it goes without saying that opportunistic fakers have circulated many copies of this badge in the collector's market, unfortunately.

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Your second group of pictures is much better.  Unfortunately, because your pictures are so good, I must tell you that I do not like your badge.


Picture No. 1 below is an enlargement of your photo so you can see the details of your badge better.  Pictures Nos. 2 and 3 below show an original badge.  If you compare the details of the two badges... things like the sunburst detail, the flag-pole finials, the ball-tips of the arms, the shako's chinstraps and oval medallion, the lettering on the lower cross-arm, and dozens of other things... you will begin to see significant differences in quality.


Even though the workmanship and enameling of your badge is substandard compared to the original shown below, I should point out that your badge is NOT a casting but is, instead, die-cut.  

Polish Badge GMIC.jpg

2. Rokitnianski .jpg

Reverse .jpg

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 I bought the badge together with a lot of Romanian cavalry items.  All of the romanian items are genuine.


 In the lot with the polish badge is also a polish cavalry pagon issued for the international military cavalry game held in Warsawa in 1929, genuine item also.


 This is why i was curious over the badge considering the big amount of fake/copies in the market.


 Considering the lot the polish regimental badge  needs to be valid, but who knows..

lot Ploiesti.jpg

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23 hours ago, mariusgin said:

I bought the badge together with a lot of Romanian cavalry items.  All of the romanian items are genuine.  Considering the lot, the polish regimental badge  needs to be valid

So based on your reasoning, since the Polish badge came with a group of supposedly genuine Romanian badges, it should logically follow that the Polish badge must also be genuine.   


I'll try to put this as delicately as possible.  If your goal is to become a serious and discriminating collector, you need to understand how utterly absurd this kind of logic is.  Each item must be objectively evaluated on the basis of its own merits and deficiencies without regard for anything extraneous.


Now, I have some potentially bad news about your most important Romanian badge on top of the bad news about your Polish badge. 


You photographed your box of badges in low-resolution so many details become very pixelated when the photo is enlarged.  However, I can see well enough to have grave doubts about your 12th Calarasi Cavalry Regiment's badge for 7 Years of Service (Insigna de 7 ani cavalerie – Regimentul 12 Calarasi).  Like your Polish badge, it also looks like a copy. 


If you would like to compare it to an original, you should post some LARGE, high-resolution photos of the front and the back of your badge.         

Badge 12th Cavalry Romania.jpg

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