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Order of Labor Glory

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OK, OK, these aren't for killing fascists and, therefore, lack some of the excited interest of the military awards! But I maintain that they, too, are an important part of the everyday, pragmatic, "normal" reality of the CCCP.

A pair to Yury Vol'vin:

Order of Labor Glory, 2nd class - 42440

Order of Labor Glory, 3rd class, var. 2 - 356334

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ED: Your Labor Glory guy was Yury Andreevich Vol'vin. My generation of Russian-students was taught to use an apostrophe to indicate the little aspiration squigglies that aren't real letters, to indicate that they are there. "Volvin" in this instance would not indicate the Cyrillic spelling.

But I'm a dinosaur, so I don't know what the current fashion in transliteration is.

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anyone have a first class one there at all?? or am i hoping for to much!!! :P il post mine when i get pics together!!

* * * * *

In 31 months of active searching in Georgia, with feelers out elsehere, I have never seen or been offered one for sale.

Speaking of which, I'm outa here tomorrow for three weeks in Georgia.


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