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Going through my documents I found these again... the First one to Oslkar Rösch, which is OK in itself... the one to Johann Resch is way more interesting, badly wounded in the fighting, he ended up in captivity in Australia, as opposed to Japan.... He was part of the original OMD (Although not during the Boxer rebellion..


"16.) Johann Breth aus Kettenheim war Seesoldat in der 1. Kompanie des Ostasiatischen Marine-Detachements und wurde bei Kampfhandlungen schwer verwundet. Er kam in englische Gefangenschaft. Lageraufenthalte in Hongkong und in Australien. Entlassung bereits im März 1919."ts1.thumb.jpg.d558b1d1f8c105767b25356a64321a80.jpgts2.thumb.jpg.797fc50e7e649235feb8230b4fe5681f.jpgts3.thumb.jpg.b5e7d1a17168dfc6a5143d91be72ace6.jpg

Some German machine gunners in China....t1.jpg.9f410d0a2650a43c175f0dd8e7fe1907.jpgt2.jpg.5d94927ca2535f2eab98a70079b3f9e4.jpgt3.jpg.85c780f7be475583eb88ee3a45d878a8.jpgt4.jpg.646b6bab8e6365473abb71dec5c22107.jpgt5.jpg.5adce4a101e199d0f5a499377e6ee7e2.jpgt6.thumb.jpg.3a53878aa96dbaa0a78759f704185541.jpgt8.thumb.jpg.c83466a8de2c91e8ed21937708103844.jpgt8.thumb.jpg.c83466a8de2c91e8ed21937708103844.jpg

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Very interesting papers indeed. And of course what made Tsingtau a good beer was the importation of German brew-masters to oversee production. Don't forget the Reinheitsgebot!

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You wouldnt happen to have a photo of one Heinrich Müldner who was in Tsingtao at the time of WW1? Data below frok Tsingtao.info

Screenshot_20210408-062927_Samsung Internet.jpg

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9 hours ago, David M said:

You wouldn't happen to have a photo of one Heinrich Müldner who was in Tsingtao at the time of WW1?



Trying to find a photo when you are just starting with the name is a lot like Pin-the-tail-on-the-Donkey.  Much easier to go from a named photo to the POW rolls.  Why the interest in Heinrich Müldner?  Very interesting -I see he was a Translator in training and knew 13 languages!

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Yeah I get that. But as 1812 ouverture has such  a wide collection I tried my luck. Heinrich is from another branch of my Kassel originating family. My interest in phaleristics is a consequence of my genealogical hobby now over 25 years ago.

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Yeah. Most of them were like Heinrich and Louis tho....unverheiratetSo we are just with a few of us now

1 hour ago, VtwinVince said:

Indeed you have some interesting relations, David. I also have my mother's family origins in Kassel.

We might even be related 😅

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    • "(...) disgusting herbal concoction (...)" I took note of this description, to enrich my otherwise limited, English "Wortschatz"...
    • At work the standard indian tea such as PG tips is referred to as chimp tea. This goes back to the days when we had a Spanish girl working for us whose command of the English language was extremely limited. One lunch she said she was going to the shop could she get anything. I asked if she could get a pack of tea bags. She returned with some disgusting herbal concoction. I tried to explain what was required but without success. I then remembered PG tips had a picture of a chimpanzee on the packe
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