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I have just purchased my first IGSM 1854 - 95 medal with a Burma 1887 - 89 clasp


I am trying to find out more about the regiment, the medal is named to 10th BI, would that be the 10th Battalion, Burma Infantry Regiment?

If so would anyone know where more information could be found regards to that regiment and would the medal roll be on line?





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Just noticed this post.  Gordon's British Battles and Medals, at least the addition I have handy, is not very good on Indian units, but it does list at least a dozen Bengal Native Infantry units.  The 10th is not one of them but his listings are often incomplete and 'outliers' - singles to units not officially present - are quite common for the IGS medals.


SO, as there was no 'Burma Infantry Regiment' except the 93rd Burma Infantry, and that not till 1902, my guess would be '10th Bengal' with a bad spelling and the 'NI' left off.  Most of these medals were named by Calcutta Mint employees who were officially English speaking, but did weird and wonderful things with the English alphabet at times.


If you would like to give the name of the recipient, that might help pin it down as well.  Here or by PM.  Cheers.



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