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Help to find awards of Prussian leutnant Carl Frahne

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Can anybody help me to find what awards Carl Johannes Hugo Frahne from Prussia was awarded. Or any other information available. 
What I know is that he is listed as leutnant and attaché in Sweden in 1910, in 1925 he is listed as a former captain. 


He received the Swedish order of the Sword Knight 2nd class in 1908 and the Swedish order of Vasa knight 1st class in 1911.

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Hello Johan!

His last ranklist entry is from 1911. (May 1)

Oberleutnant (First Lieutetant) Frahne (4th Battery/Feldart.Rgt.72)


KO4 (prussian Order of the crown, 4th class)

BZ3b (Baden, order of Zähriner Löwen, knight-cross 2nd class)

SS3b (Knight cross of  sword knight)

Patent for the rank Oberleutnant 15.9.04

1912 granted the leave with pension as Hauptmann (captain)

No entry in the ranklist of honour, so he was not reactivated in the war.

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Hello Johan!

I´m glad I could help you!

Ranklist entries:

1910: same regiment, same medals, but commanded to the legacy (embassy) Stockholm

1909: "

1908: "

1907: "

1906: 6./Feldart.Rgt. 72, no medals

1905: same regiment, commanded to War Academy

1904: Lieutenant (Patent 18.8.94), same regiment, commanded to War Academy

1903: 4./Feldart.Rgt. 72

1902: same regiment, commanded to War Academy

1901: 5./Feldart.Rgt. 72

1900: 2./Feldart.Rgt. 72

1899: 9./Feldart.Rgt. 36

1898: 4./Feldart.Rgt. 36

1897: "

1896: "

1895: 3./Feldart.Rgt. 36




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