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Forum for Buying/Selling of Police Medals

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Hi All,

Just wondering if there are any opportunities to set up a dedicated forum for those interested in collecting police medals to advertise medals for sale/buy medals(probably UK/Colonies at first but maybe expanded to other police jurisdictions later)?


The reason I ask is that I live in Australia but collect UK & Colonial Police Medals- and hunting those that are for sale via internet or various clubs etc is a real task- looking for the needle in a large series of haystacks! Australian auctions of this type of medal are few and far between, UK auctions more plentiful but an 8 hour time lag can be difficult, and UK auction commissions/VAT are a real killer!


Look forward to hearing any ideas or suggestions.

Best regards

Dave Picton-King



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This is a difficult one to achieve. Police collecting is very niche, I would love to be able to oblige but for it to work it would probably need some separation form the main server/club. Would be interested to hear if there is any appetite for it ?


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I would be a definite candidate- I know of a couple of others who would almost certainly also be regular participants.

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Possibly could fit under the Mervyn Mitton banner as a sub-folder?? That way those who have no interest in the police area will probably never see it but anyone who glances at the 'Mervyn' police pages will have it available in front of them. The issue of course is the extra work it will create for moderators etc.

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Agreed and good idea. I think the challenge will be getting a GMIC member to 'volunteer' to moderate etc, and also to get enough on-line activity by collectors to warrant the effort. I know there will be a number of regular and keen users of this type of forum, but not sure if it will be enough! Hopefully we can launch something and assess how much use it gets.


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As I have quite a few duplicate S African Police and Railway Police ( and also Prisons Service ) Medals for disposal , I would be interested to hear if this proposal leads to anything

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Hi Numis,

Generally not a positive response. The website admin rightly point out that the effort to appoint moderators, and the work they would need to do to manage the forum activity would probably be far greater than warranted by what some believe would be a very small number of users.

I and several others would be avid users (or at least participants until we found something to buy or sell) but whether we would be enough to warrant the commitment of time by others- not sure.

Anyway, the idea seems to have been condemned to the backbench for the time being.

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