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Dave Danner Kills it! State Awards.....

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Not that it is needed, but another great reason to subscribe to this magazine.   Fingers crossed my next issue  is not unduly  delayed by the dreaded covid 😞

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1 hour ago, Deutschritter said:

I have never seen a Hungarian World War Commemorative Medal with Gefechtsspangen (campaign bars). Were they originally allowed? Thanks!

I have seen a bar with the Spangen on the EK2 and the Ehrenkreuz... Vets did strange things between the wars

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I am really looking forward to reading this article, I checked the webpage and there are two pages of this article to be seen. Picture 3 shows a fascinating 4 medals medal bar from a man of the duchy of Brunswick. From left to right there is war merit cross 2nd non combatant of Brunswick, a knight 2nd of the order of Henry the Lion, an iron cross 2nd class non combatant and a prussian merit cross for war aid to be seen. 


As beautyfull as this little medal bar is, it is against every regulation. The statement from Duke Ernst August from 24th of January 1916 reads as the following:


"I hereby determine that the orders and medals from the duchy of Brunswick have to be worn in this succession:

  • war merit cross on the ribbon for combatants and non combatants
  • knight cross with swords
  • knight cross
  • order 4th class with swords
  • order 4th class

Knights of the iron cross 2nd class on the black and white and on the white and black ribbon have to wear it on the first place before any other order from Brunswick! "


So the right and official succession on this medal bar should have been: IC2, war merit cross 2nd, KC2, merit cross for war aid. I am interested if Dave has written anything on this topic. 

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So I allready got my printed copy yesterday, this was a fast delivery! Great article I have to say! Just one minor note to it. On page 53 Dave wrote: "In several states, such as the Duchy of Brunswick, one was required to have recieved the Iron Cross before being considered for the state award."

Well I can't say for other states, but for the Duchy of Brunswick I can say, that this is not true in this absoluteness. It is true for must all soldiers who recieved the war merit cross of Brunswick, that they also have recieved the IC2, but there was a pool of 10 - 14 wmc of Brunswick for every company and unit with soldiers of the Duchy of Brunswick or soldiers who are related to the Duchy to give to theses soldiers for bravery even if they haven't got the IC2 yet. 

And the rule which Dave mentioned was also not applicable at the begin of the war! Take a look at the newspaper from 9th of October 1914, where 72 names were listed from soldiers who recieved both decorations and 91 names of soldiers of the infantery regiment 92 who just recieved the wmc without having or recieving the IC2.



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