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M1915 Navy Seaplane Badge / Seefliegerabz.

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I wrote a post about these badges in the thread you mentioned and all I can do is to repeat that only 50 original badges were ordered by the A-H War Ministry, so the odds of originals hitting the market are quite low.


The three hallmarks I see on your badge are "A" for Vienna, a Diana-Head in a hexagon for 900 silver (which is bit odd since I would expect 800 silver) and VM for Vincenz Mayer's Soehne, who were court jewelers in Vienna until 1922 specializing in orders, decorations and badges. 


Your pin and catch set-up don't look right, as well as a few other things, which you will see if you examine at the images I posted in the other thread.

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When did you acquire this badge? Lately? I am positive that´s fake, however with quite sophisticated hallmarks/maker´s mark, which are improved by fakers as time goes on. As Simius Rex wrote, just 50 badges made and only 23 awarded (fate of the rest 27 unknown). Official maker was company Franz Thill & Neffe. AH War Ministry insisted in its order to the company that pieces must be made of hallmarked silver. Original pieces have normally on the reverse side in the tip of right wing  "AZ" for maker´s mark, "A" and "Windhundkopfpunze" for silver. Needle is totally different, as well as the hinge. Argument that´s private piece made by VM (famous Viennese maker of orders and decorations till its bankruptcy in 1922) would be acceptable if the quality of manufacture would correspond to it. Red enamel on the front is "plain", without so-called "Flinkierung" (working technique in enameling; The base is engraved or guilloche and then covered with a transparent enamel), seagull and crown are attached by some strange wire hooks.  Hallmarks and maker´s mark look quite good on the first sight (expect that "Dianakopf"), which is the main catch for less advanced collectors, who don't see the hook for the bait.        

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Great thorough answers you guys, thanks!   I had overlooked that other maker.  This was offered to me privately, and I have not bought it.   I've got one more to show, but I will post it on the other thread.  Thanks again for the comprehensive analysis...

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Being back home after a period at the sea with my wife and children, here I am reading again the pages of this Forum.


I can only confirm what was correctly written by the colleagues.


From what I can see in the pictures, the badge is a poor copy, struck with fake silver and maker's mark and aged with a chemically applied patina.


The mentioned markings, are more and more often appearing (along with the lozenge-shaped mark of Rothe), on fake orders and badges of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.


I think that in the future we'll have interesting material for passionate discussions.

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