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Is this a official, semi-official or private produced medal ????


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I found this medal being offered on BidorBuy.




1999 - 2002 Boer War Centenary Queen South Africa Medal With Magersfontein Bar.


Who can tell me more, thanks for any information.



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I think you guys are missing the OP's point...
This is clearly a medal meant to commemorate the Boer War in some way. It bears the 1999-2002 years on the reverse, so it wasn't meant to be passed of as an original.

The question is... who made it?... and for what reason?

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Somebody or bodies, I think in the UK, are no producing quite an array of  British campaign medals as reproduction - not meant to decieve - items for collectors and, I suspect, rteenactors who can't afford or won't wear originals. 


I make no judgement here on the wearing of historic campaign medals on historic uniforms but, for example, some of the people I know who represent Great War British regiments in reenacting will wear the ribbons of the Boer War medals, as most of us are in the age bracket to have 'reupped' in 1914.


For those with an interest in British Imperial history, of whom there seem to be more than a few, buying something like this for display purpases seems quite logical.


My tuppence and change worth. ;)



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