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Eleven years ago...


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As I think many people have come to this forum late to see some of my drawings about british uniforms of WW1 and before. I'll try to make a selection of this. 90% even medals are

made by hand, and the examples as the  King´s Crown with especial programs and filters and vectorial programs.









1375245576_Foro10aniversario.jpg.9702ce5a8b46067d90053c5ea8d859f2.jpg                         CORONABOTONWEB.png.5eecd4cc0ab3cb4d5af38f6e02eabee2.png      WOIwe.png.5b7cdfe7faa93faa677f7b39f05b578f.png   coronaBORDADAW.png.0f514010473b941d3f7907d5abd4e99f.png1906508392_coronaPNGgrande2(2).png.7f13e43e15625cfd8f4174c7120399d6.png547450128_coronaPNGgrande(1).png.aa7afa15e49629464d6401d356ef73a0.png                                                                          coronaW1.png.6dd58ff75055e2e4cc66fafe51950b50.png                                                      dull.thumb.jpg.83a4bd446cf9b05bed708078f93bba91.jpg       1356619748_ADCtotheKing.thumb.jpg.96a59ab0ef7b2efc9a691cb7f9e2c7ab.jpg                            The first plates:


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I like so  the english military stuff, medals and uniforms because they are so "traditional" that result perfectly

tradicional  something that is more near to be new. And nobody likes to have awake as the english as the Charmant Lord English of Bridehead revisited writen by Evelyn Vought, I think is rigth. Whatever the big start of occidental civilization was born in Roma and after in Spain. Near all the other is a copoy. But is now too far of us. As the cristianism. Otros objetos: Ramdomly

Proving the gorras de platoAAA.thumb.jpg.b470090faa02e7afb3c8d3fadadcf3ad.jpg




And text.


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From my  collection of images. Always a way to teach and to learn.

I collect images as other medals, not for the money (I have a normal quantity of it)

Better because I like more the images to learn.


With the images you can collect all you want and even complete de collectións with some

photo-helps  as with teh images of the Schlesian eagle.


To convert the image in something that all the readers could understand  I have to pass maybe months looking for a good images

in times even some of then from museums or reviews, I have various I have buy with the time.


I worked in spanish for my  WWI forum and in inglish for other forums as this one. Near always only images for

one site, as the two (Of a serie of 7) That I make for my blog of WWI medals. That is the first time I announce here,

Beacuse if was old in spanish. Now must be in the cloud becasue dissappear from the web, I think suddenly but maybe with some warning. I don't remember.

The forum was to the other life when change the 0'2 to 0'3.

It couldnt support my drawing of ranges, etc...

Now is the Social-nets, but I don`t ,like face-book and its spys and vedettes as Mark and company.


This is an example of british medals.


Another panel. I Lost most of the work in a malfuncion of various  hard drives. In Special all the firework

PNGs that are much better to .gif to make movements icons.


As this that have a mega byte because is a PNG to draw not to see. Even I have an interactive map of Silesian First

camaping of Frederich the Great. That is make in flash, but since adobe buyed Macromedia to assesin a very good

I don't know in english. "Para eliminar la competencia"  all the programs as Firework, Flash, etc.. that let you for much less money work in very good programs, much better than the adobe's programs except photoshop that is with much teh best program for edi in web and print.

The same storie have pass with Microsoft and its copy of Windows from Mac that was the human versión of Bill Gates to the stars. 


Another big PNG in what the image has been manipulate with vectorial and  Map of Bit programs.


Example of paper that said Who was the recipient and what reason and decoration ahve receipt.

In this case Morit Flashman receipt the order of the  British Empire . This paper appear in the announces table of forum, sellado y firmado con al flecha. Even I had programs that can made PDFs  Books and publicate this way the better works in the web trought the forum.


The decoration was previously made and have to be put by and in the table of medals of the recipient.

You can choosse between WWI english, french, austro-Húngaro, USA, Soviet, and I think more players

And  have rigts  of this nation-medals and uniform once you have ask  for this.



Table for Austria-Hungría, for studing the medals


One of the firts model panel for a Decoration.


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In other thread of uniforms I have been talking of vectorial bottons this are examples of the process.

To make mariscall as general buttons, you have to begin with this laurel leafs.


After insert the general symbols without crown. The other model is from a gorget marshall button.




We have discover tahn teh motto of the Most Nobile order of the garther. "HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE" Latín. Order that likes too much the King Felipe VI of Spain, the motto is very explanatory : Disgrace for who think bad of this",, me by example, that think very bad  "si Felipe ai capable " of something more than this, As we say the two letters  are George Rex. Anglorum, of course. 


In the reallity  are different clases and sizes of buttoms. The left ones are hand made and solid gold and the others

from stamp metal in gold, surely.  The nearest to the ww1 are the first the second are serial buttons  for poor Marshalls.

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Some books you can get easily: From the web and for nothing. GWar and arounds



-THE FIFTH DIVISION IN THE GREAT WAR._D.byInternet archive_University of Toronto Library

- A SHORT HISTORY OF THE 6th DIVISION Aug. 1914-March 1919_Don´t have marks

-British 8th Infantry Division on the Western Front, 1914-18_University of Birmingham_Centre for First World War Studies

-WAR SERVICE OF THE 62ND WEST RIDING DIVISIONAL ARTILLERY_D.byInternet archive_University of california Libraries

-ASSAULT TRAINING. SEPTEMBER 1917. ISSUED BY THE GENERAL STAFF._Don´t have markAnd  more  I have collectthese years.



In the little details you know the tradition in the back of a Army. As by example how to salute to the superiors or to the flag. By example the spanish Legion come from a period ,"The desaster of Annual", of colonial wars. It has only one century, but it have traditions of the spanish army as the funders needs to make an "invented tradition" for people eyes on demand. By example they have get the names of "Tercios" y  "banderas" instead of regiment and batallion but they are organize in the most modern way they can, even to with the "gastadores" sapper and all the

splendor of the "Día del orgullo gay" in Madrid. Somebody comment it, I remember in the forum something like this

reacting to a photo of legionarios "marcando paquete". The same problem has the Guardia Civil with the uniforrm of summer, but nobody likes to react to this fact. This is a confusion between the tradition and  the basic essentials necesities of the corp.

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