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City Jubilee Medals

Guest Darrell

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And (of course!) the relevant stiff paper award booklets:

Leningrad-- Cover bearing medal's title

and the inside,

to a former Starshina named Rozov (only know this from other documents... I have never seen a rank on any of these)


while I don't have ANY for Moscow (gasp!), I have many (accident of my sources of collecting stuff) from Kiev--

this one to a retired WW2 naval engineering Rear Admiral named Kaidanov

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Guest Darrell

You did post it before, Darrel. It was my fault :speechless-smiley-004:

Thanks to Rick for putting this threads in one.


LOL ... I just opened this one and thought that I was going mad ... double posts blush.gif

Anyway ... I took the pics out so it wasnt redundant ...

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What were these awarded for? As in what was the eligibility criteria. They're interesting medals, and I particularly like the Leningrad one!

Verbatim from Putnikov:

"These medals were established by the decree of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet 20/09/47(Moscow), 16/05/57(Leningrad) and 10/05/82(Kiev). They were bestowed on approxiamtely 4 million people.

These medals were presented to persons who lived in these cities and who took part in their restoration and reconstruction, also those who participated in the defence of Moscow and Leningrad and in the liberation of Kiev."


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Were most of these given to civilians without any other awards? Did they ALL have document books issued with them? That would have been a full time job for several people!! Could you imagine sitting down with a city census book making out all of these medal booklets?

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Kiev Jubilee document to Lidiya Rodionovna Pokusova (Thanks, Rick!! :beer: ), wife of Lieutenant Vladimir Sidorovich Pokusov http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=22064. Have her medal. Haven't put up his document yet (he had the medal too), but threaten to do so.

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Odd! :Cat-Scratch: All the ones I've ever seen were from 1982. They're all this generic pre-printed city issue, whether for retired admirals or former members of the security "organs." No distinction at all between former wartime defenders and long time but post-war residents on the award paperwork.

Comrade Grebennik's full set can be found in the Researched Group sub forum:

KGB issue Defense of Kiev =

but same generic Kiev jubilee as anybody else =

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