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Generalstabsarzt mit dem Rang eines Generals der Infanterie Otto von Schjerning

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17 minutes ago, Deutschritter said:

I have never seen the HOH star worn like this ... was this usus?

Yes, for the Komturstern it was according to the regulations.


Kopie von Ludendorff, GdI.jpg

Kopie von Boehn, von GdI.jpg

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Gentlemen, in the ‚ÄěStammliste der Kaiser Wilhelms-Akademie f√ľr das milit√§r√§rztliche Bildungswesen‚Äú (Berlin 1910, S. 183 f.) I read, he dad married on 21 April 1879. Does anyone have the wife's name? What about children? Interesting: The later Generalstabsarzt z.¬†V. Otto Napp married in Berlin a Marie Schjerning (born 2. Februar 1883). Could this be von Schjerning's daughter? It would make sense, seeing how military doctors were a closely integrated fellowship.

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57 minutes ago, Deutschritter said:

... The later Generalstabsarzt z. V. Otto Napp married in Berlin a Marie Schjerning (born 2. Februar 1883). Could this be von Schjerning's daughter? ...

She is! I met her daughter about 15 years ago and scanned the pictures of Schjerning I showed before.

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Unbelievable! What a great piece of information. Thank you! Do you have any more details on von Schjerning's family? Here are the promotion dates and decoration for the Generalstabsarzt, additions or corrections would be great:


16.7.1878 Assistenzarzt II. Klasse im Garde-Sch√ľtzen-Bataillon

22.1.1881 Assistenzarzt I. Klasse im Garde-Sch√ľtzen-Bataillon

15.5.1886 Stabsarzt

23.5.1894 Oberstabsarzt II. Klasse

2.12.1895 Oberstabsarzt I. Klasse

28.5.1898 Generaloberarzt

20.11.1900 Generalarzt

17.5.1904 Rang als Generalmajor erhalten

7.12.1905 Generalstabsarzt der Armee

11.9.1907 Rang als Generalleutnant erhalten

27.1.1915 Rang als General der Infanterie erhalten

15.12.1918 zur Disposition gestellt


Roter Adlerorden, IV. Klasse

Hausorden der Wendischen Krone, Ritterkreuz (MWK3/MK3)

Königlich Norwegischer Orden des heiligen Olaf, Ritterkreuz I. Klasse (NO3a)

Friedrichs-Orden, Ritter I. Klasse (WF3a)

Zentenarmedaille, 1897

Danebrogorden, Ritterkreuz (DD3)

Orden der Aufgehenden Sonne, IV. Klasse (JVAS4/JV4)

Orden der Krone von Rumänien, Kommandeurkreuz (RumK3)

Medschidie-Orden, III. Klasse (TM3)

Rote Kreuz-Medaille (Preußen), II. Klasse (RKM2)

Preußischer Kronenorden, III. Klasse

Militärverdienstorden (Bayern), Ritterkreuz I. Klasse (BMV3a)

Krone zum Roten Adlerorden IV. Klasse

Albrechts-Orden, Offizierkreuz (SA3)

Friedrichs-Orden, Kommenturkreuz II. Klasse (WF2b)

Roter Adlerorden, III. Klasse mit der Schleife

Preußisches Dienstauszeichnungskreuz

Preußischer Kronenorden, II. Klasse

Sankt-Stanislaus-Orden, II. Klasse mit Stern (RSt2mSt)

Militärverdienstorden (Bayern), Komturkreuz II. Klasse (BMV2b)

... später in II. Klasse ohne Stern umbenannt (BMV2)

Roter Adlerorden, II. Klasse mit Eichenlaub

Albrechts-Orden, Komturkreuz I. Klasse (SA2a)

Erlöser-Orden, Großkommandeurkreuz (GE2a)

Erinnerungszeichen zur Silbernen Hochzeit 1906

Stern zum Preußischen Kronenorden II. Klasse

St.-Sava-Orden, Großkreuz (SHS1)

Orden der Aufgehenden Sonne, II. Klasse (JV2)

Sankt-Annen-Orden, I. Klasse (RA1)

Friedrichs-Orden, Komtur I. Klasse (WF2a)

Rote Kreuz-Medaille (Preußen), I. Klasse (RKM1)

Stern zum Bayerischen Militärverdienstorden II. Klasse (BMV2mSt)

Preußischer Kronenorden, I. Klasse

Orden vom Zähringer Löwen, Großkreuz (BZ1)

Roter Adlerorden, I. Klasse mit Eichenlaub

Oldenburgischer Haus- und Verdienstorden des Herzogs Peter Friedrich Ludwig, Großkreuz (OV1)

Albrechts-Orden, Großkreuz (SA1)

Friedrichs-Orden, Großkreuz (WF1)

Eisernes Kreuz (1914), II. und I. Klasse

Militärverdienstkreuz (Mecklenburg), II. Klasse (MMV2)

Friedrich August-Kreuz, II. und I. Klasse (OK1)

Hamburgisches Hanseatenkreuz (HH)

Bremisches Hanseatenkreuz (BH)

L√ľbeckisches Hanseatenkreuz (L√ľH)

Kreuz f√ľr treue Dienste (SLK)

Kriegsverdienstkreuz (Braunschweig), II. Klasse (BrK2)

Goldene Leibniz-Medaille, 1916

Milit√§rverdienstorden (Bayern), I. Klasse mit Schwertern (BMV1‚öĒ)

Franz-Joseph-Orden, Gro√ükreuz mit der Kriegsdekoration (√ĖFJ1K/√ĖFJKD)

Schwerter zum Gro√ükreuz des Ordens vom Z√§hringer L√∂wen (BZ1‚öĒ)

Schwerter zum Gro√ükreuz des Albrechts-Ordens (SA1‚öĒ)

Schwerter zum Gro√ükreuz des Friedrichs-Ordens (WF1‚öĒ)

K√∂niglicher Hausorden von Hohenzollern, Stern der Komture mit Schwertern (HOH2a‚öĒ)



Prof. Dr. med. Otto von Schjerning, Rangliste 1914.png

Otto von Schjerning, Stammliste der Kaiser Wilhelms-Akademie f√ľr das milit√§r√§rztliche Bildungswesen, 1910.jpg


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1 hour ago, Deutschritter said:

... Do you have any more details on von Schjerning's family? ...


I showed some more of the pictures here.


There is a medical promotion written about this person. The author mediated the contact to a female descendant in Berlin. The agile about 90 years old lady left documents and pictures to me for copying them.


Unfortunately I have because of moving in a new flat now no access to my library and can¬īt have a look at the above mentioned promotion.

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We see here Generalstabsarzt of the Army Prof. Dr. v. Schjerning with the rank of Lieutenant General.
Chief of the Medical Corps, Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Academy for Military Medical Education and Chairman of the Scientific Senate at this Academy, full member of the Scientific Deputation for Medicine, full honorary professor at the University of Berlin.
During the war Chief of the Field Medical Service in the G.H.Q., at the end of the war Surgeon General with the rank of General of the Infantry (ret.), died 28.6.21.
Very nice postmark as well.

The other persons are:

Colonel Friedrich zu Solms-Baruth was an officer à la suite of the army in the uniform of the 1st Guards Drag.Rgt. He was Imperial Commissioner and military inspector of voluntary nursing for the army in the field. Lieutenant General (ret.), d. 31.12.20


Oberstabsarzt Dr. Bludau was regimental physician in K√ľr.Rgt.Nr.7. He was re-employed after the death of his predecessor Oberstabsarzt Dr. Perthey (8.9.15) on 22.9.15., later Generaloberarzt a.D.


There was another doctor Bludau, later Oberarzt a.D. in Inf.Rgt.55.


Generaloberarzt Dr. Hamann also belonged to the Medical Department of the War Ministry and was with the Chief of Field Medical Services during the war. Later Generalarzt a.D.


(the card is not for sale)

Gen.St.Arzt v. Schierning, Graf Solms, Stempel.jpg

Gen.St.Arzt v. Schierning, Graf Solms.jpg

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8 minutes ago, ccj said:

A very impressive list of awards and I like his field gray uniforms. I would love to see either in color, especially the 1910 tunic. 

von Schjerning wears in the photo what it looks as a M1910 field grey tunic for Prussian general officers with chest pockets, rolled cuffs piped red , red piping at the front closure and around the collar, but with the blue collar patches piped in red of the Medical branch and over the patches the gold doppellitzen of the Blue Waffenrock instead of the Alt Larisch embroidery of the Other Generals . But, the 1910 tunic for Medical officers comported the use of large collar patches in blue piped red and a rear buton ,without litzen . the collar patches charged with litzen appeared with the M15 feldbluse . The shoulder boards of a Medical General were a special ones also . the Feldmutze , field grey with blue velvet band piped in red and the crown piping also red .Lampassen ? yes and red as with the peace uniform 

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On 28/09/2021 at 12:27, Komtur said:

The collar tabs on his 1910 tunic in the below photo look unique to me, similar to a generaladjutant collar tab


Schjerning in Charleville September 1914.jpg



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