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Exactly which of these 2 O.B.E. / M.B.E. Medal Cases are correct for my Award ?

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 Hello Gents, I've discussed this particular early Post WW1 M.B.E. Group here not all that long ago, but have finally took the initiative to dig it out & photo the 2 Award Cases that accompanied it when originally obtained. I'm fairly certain that 1 of the 2 Cases is the correct issue for the medal, but because they were both included in the lot, I'm really not sure as to which is the one that was with it when initially presented ? Just for the record, it's the M.B.E. as awarded to Lieutenant George Craig, 2nd Battalion, Border Regiment, for his actions in leading an Lewis Gun Detachment during an IRA ambush at Tourkmeady, County Mayo on 03 May 1921. Both Lt.'s Craig & his immediate Superior Lt. Geoffery Ibberson both received M.B.E.'s for that days action. Now also bear in mind that I obtained this Group from an long time collector, & that may indeed be the reason for the 2 Cases being present ? I have my own suspicion as to which is correct, but will rely on the Forum to confirm for me. THANK YOU guys !!


                 Best,     dpast32




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THANKS 'Great Dane', I appreciate the reply. No, your question is in no way stupid, as it simply relates to the obvious. I too am not all that well versed in British Orders, so therefore just wished to be absolutely certain exactly which Case 'should' have been issued with the recipient's M.B.E. [ Military ] I just dug this group out after having not looked at in since shortly after obtaining it. I honestly couldn't recall which of the 2 it was in when purchased, so where better to confirm this here ? And, based on my searching, I really haven't come across very much reference at all on the M.B.E., & or their accompanying cases of issue. Hopefully, once I've had a chance to go through this group's notebook, I hopefully had recorded which of the cases it was in when purchased. 


                  Best,    dpast32

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Hello Folks,   Please be advised that I'm also adding a few photographs of Lieutenant George Craig's M.B.E. here, as I haven't included any within any of my previous Posts about him. As far as the 'naming', although no M.B.E.'s were officially named, I have no doubt whatsoever as to the originality of this particular example having been privately engraved by the recipient. Included along with this group was assorted documentation, much of which dates as far back as April 1967. These earliest documents are from the Border Regiment's Museum at Carlisle Castle requesting confirmation of Lt. Craig's M.B.E. [ In addition to numerous other supporting documentation. ]  If anyone here may be able to discern any other facts regarding this M.B.E. from viewing the photographs, I of course will be deeply interested in hearing from them ! Also, just recently, an '100th Anniversary' edition of yet another publication pertaining to the 'Tourkmeady Affair' of 03 May 1921 was published & actually made available free, online. As always, if anyone has anything relevant to either Lt. Craig, and or the Tourkmeady Affair, I will appreciate hearing about it !! THANK YOU


                    Best,     dpast32






Just in case anyone's interested in looking through this 100th Anniversary edition of the 03 May 1921 Tourkmeady ambush, herewith is the Free Download Link;


    LINK:    https://www.cltme.ie/newbook



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