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A little help would be needed with Bulgarian order of Saint Alexander

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Luckily I have acquired this three orders which was most probably awarded to the same person.

While it was quite easy to determine producers of the Serbian Order of Saint Sava and Montenegrin Order of Danilo I, I was unable to find any information about this Bulgarian Order of Saint Alexander.

By no means I am not able to identify producer and even the time of possible award of this particular commander degree of Bulgarian order.

I kindly ask for help.20211018_171428.thumb.jpg.603a8a1f9ae87b655873458112adf0b2.jpg

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Unfortunately, I haven't been able to see any markings on the ring or anywhere else. The other problem is that someone butchered all three orders by removing central medallion on one side, in order to display them in a frame.

The other two orders which I am quite familiar with, have the markings, both but this Order of Saint Alexander.

I will post pictures of the reverse side of the order.

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Probably 3rd model, second type 1918-43  Sofia-made [most likely royal mint though the well known badge manufacturer firm Milosheva in Sofia may have subcontracted] silver gilt or bronze gilt.  Other possible manufacturers include Rothe of Vienna [maybe with "silber", 900 {silver content} or Rothe stamp].  Some attribute pieces with 'silber' stamp to German makers. St. Alexander insignia also made in Germany [Zimmerman  reported for jeweled pieces & miniatures] and Godet.   

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In my opinion it is more likely King Ferdinand Model in around the WW1  It is Commander Class - 3rd Class

More likely unmarked Austrian Maker  I am not sure whether the Firm Miloshev made St Alexander, especially in the early period.  perhaps during the Regency and republican periods at the end of WW2

The text is very typical for this period During later periods the text is bigger

Look for marks on the loop on top of the cross and on the ring above the crown. If you cannot find do not worry .still nice, although as you stated 'butchered"  Most of those crosses had makers marks or hallmarks for silver content, especially the early made ones, however some were not marked, especially the bronze gilt ones


Here are few examples of crosses with the green enamel

On the left are crosses from King Boris III period on the right from King Ferdinand period

See the difference in the Lions and the text on the central medallions white rings

Note the Crosses  on the middle with the text instead of lions, are 1st Class ones - one on the left King Boris III period the one on the right King Ferdinand period



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