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WW2 South African Air Force 11th Squadron Wooden Plaque

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This is an interest piece. Quite large. Very well crafted. Was it a gift or something more.? Either way, it's nice to hang it above my display case. 1160991736_SAAFSquadron11Plaque.jpg.6229e1493238589d7dfdc4af5b3d3bbf.jpg864101424_SAAFSquadron11Plaque1.jpg.dffb9ef0132b528f490cdac488adbe58.jpg


Anyone have more information they could share with me on its origin.. thank you.

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If I had to hazard a guess, the die is meant to represent a Squadron number, but whether it is 11, 56, or 65 is beyond me.


Probably 11 Sqn., as i don't see either of the others in the list of SAAF Squadrons: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/11_Squadron_SAAF


It also fits, as the background looks like a map of Italy; 11 Sqn. served there September 1944 to August 1945.



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Above is a South African Air Force pin matching the design on the wooden plaque that Chrisvo illustrated in the first post on this thread. This pin measures maximally 26 mm wide (wingtip to wingtip), the round medallion body is 12 mm, and the thickness is ~1 mm. The soldered stickpin measures 40 mm long. This example is unmarked, but was made by Fahmy Tewfik Bichay of Cairo (the dealer obtained this and other pins from Bichay after he emigrated to Canada). I am seeking some additional information to try and confirm the squadron association. 

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Hi Gentlemen,


Yes, it is 11th Squadron of the SAAF. That much I know. Trying to find out what the plaque may have been used for. 


The following pictures below are from the book.


Van Schalkwyk, Piet and Marshall William 2000. South African Colours and Markings Volume 1 Number 2, Colours and Markings Publications, Pretoria.

Laubscher9 Squadron 11 SAAF.jpg

Laubscher10 11 Squadron SAAF.jpg

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