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Brunswick Waterloo Medal Avantgarde - Medal Roll Info?


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Dear Community,


Nice, untouched Brunswick Waterloo medal for Heinrich Benthagen, Avantgarde. Ribbon is the original one, hard to see on my rather crappy photos, but the two lines for the blue silk stiching are still visible, sadly they have worn off. The mustard yellow silk has become really thin and fragile. 


Anyway - Would anyone have the medal roll info for Heinrich? 


Warm regards and all the best 





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On 02/11/2021 at 11:52, BlackcowboyBS said:

Here is what I have: Heinrich Benthagen, Avantgarde, born in Woltdorf, when he recieved the medal, he allready took his leave, so he wasn't active any more and wasn't part of the reserve!



benthagen 01.jpg

benthagen 02.jpg

Grossartig! Vielen, herzlichen Dank! 

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