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Unknown cap - any idea?


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Hello Gentlemen,


Does anyone know anything about this cap?

Is it related to a Civil War brigade?

PM cypher ???

3rd Brig(ade) Conn(ecticut) ???

ADC ???

Crown surrou1695705323_Cap3rdBrigConn.jpg.104cc8056313bac963620948cff45ef0.jpgnded by laurel leaves ???

Thank you in advance for your infos.


Best regards,


Jean-S. Karlen.

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Connecticut organized the 3rd Volunteer Infantry Regiment for Three Months service it was mustered in New Haven under Colonel Arnold the 14 of May 1861 , Cnel Arnold resigned and was replaced by Cnel Chatfield , the Regiment first was sent to Washington DC at disposition of the high Command , participated later in the operations in Virginia and finally took part in the battle of Bull Run with distinction . It was mustered out in August 1861 in Hartford . 

The Regiment was part of the first Brigade under Colonel Keyes in the first Division commanded by Gral Tyler

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I am guessing that this might be part of a fraternal society uniform. The elaborate decorations far exceed those of a military uniform cap, so it might more easily be associated with something like Knights of Columbus. The open crown or coronet could make it a Catholic order, so it wouldn't be a patriotic organization like the G.A.R.  I'm finding it difficult to track down what fraternal order this represents, perhaps because the society didn't survive into the 20th century. 

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