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1870 2nd class non magnetic

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Hello all,

                 bit of a weird one here an 1870 2nd class but with a non magnetic centre. Would like your thoughts please 🙂

it seems that the core is to large for the frame (will try and take some side shots)

Thanks in advance


non mag rev.JPG

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Interesting. It bears several hallmarks of a WAGNER core but I don't like the style of the W for a period piece. My guess is that this could measure 42-44mm and weigh 19gr plus? But what makes you suspect that the core may be too big for the frame for I detect no obvious signs of side-splitting etc.   

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Hi Peter,

                   yes measures approx. 42X42 and weighs17.5 gr. here is a couple of shots one of the 6o`clock arm and another of the 9 o`clock arm and there seems to be a grey filling between the silver arm`s ?

Any1112050142_basearm1870.thumb.JPG.2ace3993e193735d46de0c02874f9262.JPGy comments welcome  🙂

side arm 1870.JPG

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Thanks Ashley. It's not unknown for the seams on older crosses to ease over time but I don't like the sound of 'filler'. Of course, this might be accumulated silver polish but it certainly would give me pause. At first, I did think this could be a 'ninth-bead' fake but there's no over-under 8 so maybe not. However, the horizontal terminals on the W are still a tad too heavy for my liking and a shame about the reverse flaking. 

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