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Is this a reichsmarine artillery visor cap?

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That is a very nice 1926+ (chin cords) Bavarian infantry officer's cap from the Reichsheer. :beer:

Land troops in the Reichsmarine had no state cockade, only the Weimar eagle--

this photo was taken in 1924 and shows two Reichsmarine coastal artillery officers (the later paymaster Rear Admiral Böning and later Luftwaffe Colonel Schily) behind their army liaison officer Prussian infantry Major Schleicher (note his cap strap)

And here's another Prussian Reichsheer officer, motor transport Captain Beeckmann, with the 1926+ cords in 1928:

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Hey Rick,

I didn't realize that the non-Prussian cockades were worn after 1918. I thought they all went to the Reich?s colors and stopped wearing the other states colors :unsure:

Oh.. and Ron..... NICE cap !



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Is that band actually that color blue or is it a result of the flash?

Zur See officers had black:


The buttons and badge on the cap are gold, but the band looks like the sky blue of Paymasters--who had silver buttons and insignia--rather than the dark blue of doctors.

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