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I am looking for careerdata and possible ODM on a NN v. (der) Heiden.

He stood 1815 under Oberst Scheffer in the kurhessian cavalry and was mentioned for his conduct at Charleville. By 1821 he is mentioned as 'Major in preussischen Diensten'.


Any additional info would be greatly appreciated. 


Thanks a lot 



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Hi David,


The only officer of that name serving in the Prussian Army was Gustav von der Heyde. (1785-1863) His name is spelt as von der Heiden in the 1817 Rangliste (Major 15.1.17) and thereafter as von der Heyde. He was, however an infantry officer who rose to the rank of Generalleutnant. 


If you think this is your guy, I can post further details.






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Hi Glenn!


I checked his entry at Wikipedia and he apperantly was at Charleville. I assumed he was a cavalry officer, because he is stated as an under the command of Scheffer as stated in my first post. 


So he does seem to be the v.d. H. I am looking for.


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