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Info request for Arab Republic (Egypt) 1963 Ministry of Higher Education medal


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Can someone give me additional background on this large 61mm 90% silver Egypt Ministry of Higher Education medal (Nasser on obverse)? Who would have received it? How many of this type were given out in 1963?




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Thanks for posting this rare piece. You ask a very good question, and one which I don’t have an answer for. It’s remotely possible that some Egyptian press reports of the time (newspaper, magazine, radio) might mention the award of these, which could help provide answers to your questions. But my years of trawling old Egyptian media have taught me that such insights are exceptionally rare. My assumption would be that this might be awarded to visiting foreign experts or academics as a token of appreciation, and possibly to Egyptians (either from within the ministry or elsewhere) who performed valuable services to the ministry.  The value of these pieces (judging from silver content) probably makes them uncommon.


Do you have any details of the circumstances under which you acquired this? That might help provide some clues. (For example, if you acquired it from an American academic who worked in Egypt.)




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