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Dear colleagues: I would like to share with you the recent publication of my book "Campaign Medals & Orders of Revolutionary & Napoleonic Wars (1792-1815)". For the first time all the medals and orders created by the 14 countries involved in those wars are gathered. 285 decorations with more than 900 full-color photos provided by some 40 auction houses, 15 museums and several private collections throughout Europe. Hardcover. 294 pages.
Now It´s only available on Amazon. Three versions: English, French and Spanish. Here is the link to the English version. I am also attaching some pictures of the inside pages. I must say that it is a self-published work and doesn´t have the support of any publisher, so any action you do, sharing with whoever you think may be interested will be welcome. Thank you very much in advance.
PS: Being a print-on-demand system, Amazon can't ship it to certain countries (Australia, for instance), so anyone who's interested and lives in one of them can contact me and I'll sell it to them directly.








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Thanks a lot. It is logical that nobody had done it before because it is very difficult to gather all the images. For example, in the Spanish chapter there are almost 90 campaign medals and not even the Spanish National Army in Toledo has them all. Without the help of many I could not have finished it

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This book is a must have for anyone interested in Napoleonic medals, and long overdue that a book like this has finally come out! Appears to contain 99%+ of military campaign medals issued during Napoleonic wars. Very impressive, especially the Spanish campaign medals section!


Nice quality color images of every medal with just enough pertinent details to keep this within bounds the 3 criteria established at the beginning. The added country flags on the side pages really helps when thumbing through the sections. The added color photos supporting the medals are also very nice touches. 


A labor of love.


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