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Belgian Order of the Lion Medal

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As far as I know a bilingual version existed from 1951 onward.

The Croix de commandeur de l’Ordre Royal du Lion - looks great!






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Thanks... yes, I had noticed that bit about the bilingual issue date.  Was wondering if there were any construction characteristics that might be indicative of early strikes.  Also, I need a ribbon!  If anyone has a length, please let me know! 

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Hi Mark McM,

The Royal Order of the Lion was established by King Leopold II on 9th of April 1891 and was discontinued  on 1st of July 1962. On 18th of October 1908 the Order become part of the Belgium system of Orders.

The 1st type with French Text only was awarded till  24th of October 1951

The medal you listed it looks Gold but aged with a loss of the gild

Many of those  1st type medals were given from the very beginning and  during WW1  and WW2 period mainly till 1951


The medal you posted, in my opinion, is a late "aged' re-strike after 1951

The crown of medals of  the early 1st type models had smooth ball on top and the cross was with well defined four arms

This cross could be made later for someone who lost their original 1st type medals.

Ribbon you can find on eBay.fr  (France)  or eBay.be (Belgium)


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This is a nice an early Commander by Wolferes

The last picture is only as reference the type of the ball and the cross seen on the early 1st type of the medals of the Royal Order of the Lion.  The Crowns are from other Belgium Order and not relevant to the topic

I had Sets of all medals including their miniatures, however sadly i had to sell them to buy something else That is the fate of the cllectors




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29 minutes ago, Mark McM said:

thanks... what was the award criteria for the medal? 

The medals were awarded to lower ranked civil servants and troops, for years of service. However, with a Palm on the ribbon, it was for acts of bravery. Bronze medals only for native people.





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