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A Medal Ribbon Mystery

Ali Nouman

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This are Admiral Zakaullah's (Pakistan) Ribbons.



Does anyone have an idea what country this WHITE with BLUE STRIPES ribbon is from? The first from left on the bottom row.

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It can't be. Pakistan is one of those countries that doesn't recognize Israel. It's even written in the passport that THIS PASSPORT IS VALID FOR ALL THE COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD EXCEPT ISRAEL. So I don't think this is gonna be an Israeli Medal. BtG8NKuCQAA30rG.jpg

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Several honors use a white with this hue blue edged ribbon.  The one pictured seems to have a rosette typically signifying an officer grade decoration.   Imperial Iran's  Order of Haft Paykar, Order of the Pleiades, seems closest but clearly not applicable for Admiral Zakaullah!   Haft Paykar not open to men.


The Admiral's Wiki image [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_Zakaullah] does not include this ribbon.  Dating that picture might help establish the award time frame, focusing your research tasks.  We know that he had it before 2017.  A DAWN, the largest and oldest English-language newspaper in Pakistan and the country's newspaper of record, image [https://www.dawn.com/news/1321071] indicates that the Admiral held the award in 2017 as well as the Turkish honor.   US Legion of Merit (Degree of Commander) award reported in an illustrated report published March 18, 2017.  See https://www.dawn.com/news/1321211.  Seems he received his Abdul Aziz before  0ctober 2, 2017 [https://92newshd.tv/about/cns-admiral-zakaullah-conferred-king-abdul-aziz-medal-excellence].  Image there appears to include the white/blue ribbon.   


This may help narrow your search.  



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Posted (edited)

I have researched this to the nth degree.




This first image of Admiral Zakaullah with this ribbon is on the 26th Nov, 2016




There are press releases about other ribbons but nothing on this white and blue one.


P.S: Everything that you've shared from Wikipedia, I wrote that there. Added the whole Medals and Decorations section plus those Reference links. Click on a Ribbon Image and read the username :P

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Hello Gentlemen,


It could be : International Military Sport Council Order of Merit Officer. The ribbon colours are exactly matching.


This award is praised by Military from all nations, I remember I did a post on this Forum in May June 2020 about Botswana, and the award worn by their Chief of Satff, he was wearing that very Order !









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