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Help Identifying This French Uniform?


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Here is a picture of Félix Douay wearing a uniform that I have not yet been able to identify. What's particularly piqued my interest are the suspended cords that run across his chest. Thus far I've not been able to find any other examples of such a uniform. What is the significance of the suspended cords? Is this uniform a one-off, custom-tailored piece for the general or were they more widely used? My initial thought was that this was a variation of a Hussar Dolman but in that case the cords would have been sewn into the uniform itself, no? To have them simply suspended from each end is very interesting to me and makes for a very striking look.


This one photograph has sent me down too many rabbit-holes so any help or clues that you all could offer would be greatly appreciated! Merci!

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Wow! Nailed it! Merci Jérôme!


So Douay was a staff officer, the cords were a symbol of this status, and when in field garb the cords are worn across the chest and unattached.


Very interesting! Merci de votre aide!

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