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Inkwell in Buntmetall IR 44 ? - Identification of an engraved signature

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Dear Forumites,


A friend of mine bought lately an inkwell in typical Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) of silvered tombac with some cyphers I have never seen (TAR or triple T and R 44) and crown which doesn't look like a royal crown, but rather princely or ducal. Now the IR44 was Prussian (Infanterie-Regiment Graf Dönhoff 7. Ostpreussisches Nr. 44). The crown doesn't look very Prussian either.


The dedication "Zur Erinnerung an 5. gemeinsame Arbeitsjahre / Ihr dankbarer Regimentsadjudanten", signature ??? (Sütterlin Surname beginning with H but I can't read it) is also a bit weird.


Can anyone decipher the name of the regimental adjudant? For sure he's not on the Rangliste of 1914.


Thanks a lot in advance for all your kind inputs!












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Hi Claudio,


Andreas is correct; FAR 44: Oberleutnant Gerd Huppertz. You will find him listed as such in the 1907 Rangliste.




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Huppertz, Gerhard (Gerd) Heinrich

* 17. Februar 1875 in Barmen

† 30. Juli 1959 in Oberems im Taunus


18.08.1895 Leutnant (W11w)

21.07.1906 Oberleutnant (F)

19.06.1912 Hauptmann (U)

27.01.1917 Major (L3l)

char. Oberstleutnant a.D.


He was Adjutant of the 3. Feldartillerie-Brigade at the beginning of the war, and later served on the staff of the 89. Infanterie-Division and the 11. Armee.


After the war a student in Jena, then Dr.phil. on 9.5.1921, 1922-1945 Kaufmann in Dessau.

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Posted (edited)
12 hours ago, Claudio said:

(Sütterlin Surname beginning with H but I can't read it)

It's not Sütterlin, but Kurrentschrift. Although introduced in Prussia in 1915, Sütterlin didn't come into general usage until the 1930s, being made the official style of handwriting taught in schools from 1935 onwards.

12 hours ago, Claudio said:









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