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    Here is some of my treasure

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    G'day Mate, I'll show you the reverse of my tank badge as soon as my PC helper shows up. Remember , I'm an old fart  and not very computer savvy. How are things Down Under?  Have you ever heard of  Michael O'Hara, the crook who invented the AH-Pistol for 3 Mil.bucks ? 



    Hello Flavio,

    thanks for your reply. The Totenkpf insignia is an officer's patch from the G.R.P.R. according to Dr. K.-G. Klietmann.

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    Hi Guys, here are some more goodies from my collection.

    As far as I know and according to Jeff Noll’s “German Imperial Regimental Markings”, there are only 3 Lugers unit marked to

    Grenadier Regt.110 which are reported in the US and one more supposedly in New Zealand.


    1908 DWM unit marked to 110.R.8.3. = 110.Grenadier Regiment, 8.company, weapon # 3. (ex’d out “R.”110.12.2.) which stands for:

    “Reserve Infantry Regt.110”, 12.company, weapon # 2.                                                                             


    1912 Erfurt unit marked to Gr.R.110.M.G. 80. = Grenadier Regiment 110, MG-company, weapon # 80.


    1913 DWM unit marked to 110.R.8.1. = 110. Grenadier Regiment, 8.company, weapon # 1.


    Furthermore, the regimental history book “Das 2. Badische Grenadier Regiment Kaiser Wilhelm I. Nr.110 im Weltkrieg 1914/18”.

    My uncle’s personal book filled with letters, postcards and pics while fighting in France, was handed down to me from my family.

    A 1916 P08 holster, ink stamped to 2nd company /Regt.110. My uncle was called to arms on June 19th,1917 to Leib-Grenadier Regiment 109 in Karlsruhe and after boot camp went on February 12th,1918 to the Feldrekruten Depot of the 28.I.D. in France, where he was transferred to the “2nd comp. of Gren.Regt.110.









    Edited by Klaus P. Schad
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    Hi Guys, here’s another one of my treasure.

    I found this beautiful 1913 P08 holster with handwritten name of Hptm. Killmann and “10/G.G.R.5” (10th comp. of Garde Grenadier Regt.5) garrisoned in Spandau at the Great Western Gun Show in LA. It took me roughly about 30 yrs. to stuff this holster with the proper gun of the same unit. I couldn’t find one of 10th comp. but the MGK was close enough. (this gun is a 1912 DWM unit marked to

    5.G.G.M.G.55. = 5.Garde Grenadier Regt. MG-Kompanie, Waffe 55.

    Shortly after, I was able to get Killmann’s engraved EKI from a good friend of mine. Naturally, I had to get the regimental history book and found

    Hptm. Killmann’s very interesting service records on page 769. Please see copy.









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    More treasure:

    1917 DWM LP08, unit marked “L.G.R.109.3.6.”  Leib Grenadier Regiment 109, 3rd comp. weapon # 6.

    Regimental history book “Geschichte des 1.Bad. Leib Grenadier Regiments 109."

    1916 spiked helmet with cover, Bierstein and shoulder boards of LGR 109.

    1908 DWM, unit marked “109. R. (cursive) 9.4.”  Reserve Inf. Rgt.109, 9th comp. weapon # 4 with matching clip

    and reworked Reichs-Revolver holster. Feldmuetze with owners name, rank and unit.









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    I personally love BLG and RIR RGT Nr. 109.   I have a lot of straps and pickelhaube covers, etc from bo to regiments.  You sir have something even better.  Years ago I lost an auction by $500 on a Gew 88 Marked RIR 109; a big regret I have had.  Very special and Baden regiments have a special place In my heart.  Thanks for posting.

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    Additional info on R.J.R.109,

    EKII and certificate of Utffz. der Reserve Adolf Poll of 1.MGK R.J.R.109, dated January 24th 1917


    More treasure,

    1910 DWM, unit marked to “R.169.3.3.”Baden Inf. Regt.169. 3rd comp. weapon #3, Baden I.D.29.

    1916 spiked helmet of Inf.Regt.169


    1912 Erfurt, unit marked to “40.R.M.G.73.” Fuesilier Regt.40. MGK weapon #73, Baden I.D.28. 

    1911 holster with ink stamp of F.R.40. and shoulder boards.

    Regimental history book : Die Hohenzollernfuesiliere im Weltkrieg 1914-1918







    @USN @ostprussenmann_new

    Hi Guys, thanks for your reply


    Edited by Klaus P. Schad
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    Hello Vince,

    I bought my Kampfwagen-Abzeichen about 30 years ago from a dealer in Germany.

    As far as I can remember there’s an article listed by Dr. Klietmann regarding the tank badge in Deutsche Heereskunde.

    In his catalog (Price Guide, Orders and Decorations Germany 1871-1945), Detlev Niemann is showing a photo with description,

    which is conveniently written in English and German. However, he didn’t translate “ Da keine amtlichen Herstellungsvorschriften vorlagen”

    “(since no official-manufacturing-regulations were available).”

    Vince, I’m no expert if it comes to medals and badges but I always tried to find my answers in archives and contemporary literature.

    Best regards,


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    Hi Guys,

    here is more treasure.  One of my better looking Lugers. A 1917 DWM, all matching including mag in 1917 holster. This rig is listed and pictured in Jan Still’s  “Imperial Lugers ,Frontispiece Section.”

    Unit mark : “R 96.2MG.107.” =  7.Thueringisches Infanterie Regiment Nr.96, 2.MG Kompanie,

    Waffe Nr.107.

    The regiment was part of 38.ID, 83.I.Br.Erfurt. Staff and I.Btl. garrisoned in Weimar, II.Btl. in Eisenach,

    III.Btl.in Jena.  MGK with I.Btl.

    IMG_2131 (1).jpeg

    IMG_2130 (1).jpeg

    IMG_2133 (1).jpeg

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    Hi Guys, here is another treasure. A 1917 DWM, LP08 with all matching s/n including clip.
    Unit marked ; “M.W.3.154.13.”
    5. Niederschlesisches Infanterie Regiment  Nr.154, 3.Kompanie, Minenwerfer Abteilung, Waffe #.13.
    The 154. Regt. was part of V.AK, 18.Inf.Brg. and 9.I.D.
    War formation of I.R.154, 1918
    18th Inf.Brg. with G.R.7, I.R.19 , I.R.154 and MGSSA 16 among other units.
    Battles at the Western Front only.

    IMG_2134 (1).jpeg

    IMG_2135 (1).jpeg

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    Hi Guys,

    more treasure.  A dress bayonet with inscription to commemorate the centennial celebration of the

    Garde Schuetzen Bataillon. 1814-1914. This dress bayonet belonged to Willi von Nordheim of 3rdcompany and was taken from the Major of Linz/Austria during the surrender of the city by Sgt. Elkins of HQ.Company,

    11th Armored Division.

    Please note, that Hauptmann Rohr served  as CO of 3rd company of the G.S.Btl.‘till he took over the Sturmabteilung  of Armee Abteilung Gaede in Oberrotweil am Kaiserstuhl  by Sept. 12th, 1915.

    The St.-Abtlg. of A.A.Gaede became  the elite and famous Sturmbataillon Nr.5(Rohr) during WWI.

    Furthermore, I would like to post the regimental history book of the Garde Schuetzen Bataillon and a 1913 Erfurt, all matching s/n except mag. Unit marked : “G.S.M.G.29.” = Garde Schuetzen Bataillon MG-Kompanie, Waffe Nr.29.


    Happy Thanksgiving,









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    On 01/06/2022 at 00:53, Jeff Noll said:

    These photos are of Klaus Schad's badge I am posting for him. 






    May I ask for measues and weight? Thnak you.



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    On 30/05/2023 at 04:26, ashley58 said:

    Some very nice treasures Klaus 😃 thanks for sharing, i am not to keen on the tanks badge but the EK` s are superb 👍 

    I agree Excellent collection

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