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I have the negative of this lovely photo of a Kingston upon Hull City Police officer using one of the police pillars in Jameson Street, Hull.
He is wearing a Kings crown helmet plate, although it looks like the 1937 pattern with the three crowns separate, rather than a 1947 plain pressed issue.  His tunic is open neck, so it places the photo c.1951.  His shoulder number is not fully visible, even at very high resolution.  I'm trying to identify the officer.
There is just one medal ribbon partially visible.  It's not the police long service medal.  Can anyone identify what it might be please?

Neg 16 162 Policeman and phone pillar 1953.jpg

Hull City Medal ribbon.jpg

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12 hours ago, QSAMIKE said:

Or Possibly Africa General Service......



Possibly, but I would think there would be a tonal difference between the outer black stripes and the inner green.  Besides, no AGS clasps were authorized between "Somaliland 1920" and "Kenya".  If the photo is c. 1951 then it is too early for the latter.  On the other hand, the NGS could be:

S.E. Asia 1945-46 (2,000).

Minesweeping 1945–51 (4,750).

Palestine 1945–48 (7,900). 

Malaya (7,800). For service in Malaya and Singapore between 1948-60

Yangtze 1949 (1,450). 

Bomb and Mine Clearance 1945–53 (145). 

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