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Todestelegramm & Deutsche Kriegsgr?berf?rsorge questions

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I have a couple of questions about a telegram I have from 1915, reporting a soldier?s death to his wife.

Was it usual to have such telegrams handwritten or were they typed?

The soldier in question was named Casp(a)r and was a member of FAR 4, the telegram says he was killed on 15.5.15. According to the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgr?berf?rsorge, Kanonier Casp(e)r was killed on 20.5.15. Do you think this be the same person?

Thanks for any help!


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My guess is....

Depending on the recieving telegraph office, somewhere in Rural Germany a block of paper and a Pencil may have been "high tech" while in larger towns maybe a typewriter?

I know when we learned Morse we wrote by hand, but apparently typing while recieving goes quite a bit faster....

The dates? Seriously wounded and written off for dead by his unit... then dying a few days later in a field hospital, Unit sending off a telegram saying died on the 15th, once they stopped retreating/advancing/being bombed the news arrives that he had been taken to a neighbouring divisions field hospital and held on for 5 days before dying... I am sure in the confusion of battle much of the paperwork has anamolies.



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That's what I was think too Chris and hoping someone else would think the same. He was from a village called Sta?furt which is to the north east of Aschersleben. I think that's Sachsen Anhalt.

I noticed yesterday that the same thing was happening in London with telegrams, the one I saw was in pencil and dated Nov. 1918.

Thanks for your opinion!


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