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    as stated above.

    There is more but I want to eliminat the moth before it is brought into the fold.

    Shame the little buggers have been busy!

    At least the denim jacket is ok, the collor is a bit shot at the back of the neck, repairable but I will leave it.

    He was an officer at Stallag 9A according to his tag, that would be confirmed by his waffenfarbe on the cap as administration.

    Sadly no paperwork at least yet.






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    Sorry for the late answer - I am none of the digital natives - more one of the ditigtal naives. Interesting - what is the colour of the collar? Looks black on my screen. The trousers with the red piping don't seem to fit in. The sidecap/Schiffchen looks promising. Unfortunately the eagle has been removed.

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    Yep, the collars are dark green, probably because I photographed it at night they look black?

    Was all in a travel chest, unfortunately the moths have been busy.

    Yes the artillery trousers don't fit in but without his ID or service history I can't comment further?

    The denim work jacket faired better because there is no wool in it.

    Cap has a maker stamped in the leather sweat band but it will be hard to picture. i will give it a go

    Naturally it is not unusual to have the uniform items without insignia, removed in in the prisoner cage or later at home due to fear of being implicated as a Nazi?

    The disc though is cool and my favourite part of the cache!



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