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I cant find the site that shows these emblems. Is it? No reverse image available. Are these reproed (silly question)

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Thanks for that reply, I finally found the site I was after. A similar emblem was used by 4.(H)/21 whatever this means.



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Hi Pete,

Just briefly, the 4.(H)/21 was a short-range reconnaissance squadron. Within the Luftwaffe reconnaissance organisation, short-range reconnaissance Staffeln were originally given the (H) designation which, as they worked in close co-operation with Armies and army groups, identified them as Aufkl?rungsstaffeln (Heer) or reconnaissance squadrons (attached to the army). Thus, the 4.(H)/21 was the fourth squadron of short-range reconnaissance group 21.

As far as the pin goes it could relate to either the 4.(H)/21 or one of the Staffeln of KG 55. IMHO the style of the Griffon looks more akin to KG 55 than the 4.(H)/21



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Thanks for the info Dave, however it was on ebay some time ago now, and I didn't manage to buy it at the time.



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I know you guys will know this but If you go to


follow the links (unit emblems-tactical markings, license plates) then (unit emblems on aircrafts)you will find under (eagles, birds, dragons, roosters, chicken etc..) 4.(H)/21

Then look under (beasts of prey, dogs, cats) KG 55 you will see subtle differences in styles, the tail on KG 55 snakes up behind the Griffon where as the tail of the Dragon of 4.(H)/21 snakes between the legs as in this badges example.

Also the wings on KG 55 are black as is the tail tip.

I feel this is 4.(H)/21 but that is just my interpretation. I know Francois is ofay with these badge types maybe he can cast more light?

Sorry I am unable to post individual links from this site.

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I bought this pin as 4.(H)/21

Posting a pin of II./KG 55

* looking for

- Units pins/emblems and photos showing them worn or painted on planes, cars,building, ...)

- Photo showing: night fighter clasps, the Luftwaffe Honor Clasp, and photo showing Honor Goblets and LW flying cufftitles (no para no commemorative ones)

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