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Hallo Gentlemen, :beer:

while working on the research material for my book about the British Army in the West of Ireland circa 1750 - 1922, I have come across reference to the term "Crying down the credit." from the small reference, I gather a Sergeant with Drummer paraded through the streets of the garrison town, where some form of announcement was made to the public, but no reference to what was exactly announced.

Can anybody be of help?? and tell me about this small but colourfu ritual.??

Kevin in Deva :beer:

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Never heard that one before-- may be waaay too antique.

But could this simply be really antedeluvian slangy for a recruiting amble, offering up "the king's shilling?"

Hallo Rick, :beer:

I believe it was very old British Regimental tradition and that some of the British Regiments continued it up into and past the mid-1800, cetainly before 1900, I know for sure it is not connected with Recruiting Parties because I have come across information regarding these.

I have a suspicion that "Crying down the Credit," was a call for local shopkeepers and traders to apply at the barracks to supply the regiment with basics necessities, like bread, meat, tobacco etc, (outside of an annual contract awarded by the War-Office to local merchants for candles, forage, waste-removal, etc..), as the ceremony was carried out when a new Regiment first came into town, usually, but not always on a Fair Day.

I am just trying to pin down for sure what it was, and what it entailed.

Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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