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Now for a closeup of the one I'd original posted... actually it's not wear but you can see where the barrel catch originally was. I've seen these types of catches on U.S. awards when they've come off over time and wear and this is what this looks like to me. But of course I'm open to other opinions: :D

But just to be safe the center example with the barrel catch is now the one with the urkunde. The other has been placed in with other display items with my cased Makarov. The third example (on the right in the above photos) came cased as part of a set and is back in it's case safe and sound.

Anyhow hope this help and am very intro'd to learn which is which and if the center one is indeed the proper one... and if perhaps you agree re: the missing barrel catch on the first one I'd posted and that perhaps it is the correct on after all.

Keeping my fingers crossed that at least one of them is correct. :unsure:

Many thanks! :beer:

Dan :cheers:

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Hi Dan,

you have to look for some more details, not only the pin.

For example:

1 without the national coat of arms, reverse numbered

2 with the national coat of arms

3 with the national coat of arms, a small ring added

4 unhyphenated

5 hyphenated

The medal in the center (post 149/150) is matching to your document from 1962.

Look at your book: "Klaus H. Feder, Uta Feder, Auszeichnungen der Nationalen Volksarmee", page 91 - 94.



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Hi Uwe,

Many thanks for all the info. To be honest I didn't jump in and cross check it in the book... guess I was just too excited to pair them up. But now that I've switched those two out I've got it right and we're back on track.

Many thanks!!!! :beer:

Dan :cheers:

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Nice pins Dan , i,ve never seen these before .

Hi Grant,

Many thanks! :beer: Actually they're in the brown (red) book of DDR badges, etc. I've always loved the one with the tank/planes,etc. on it and was so happy to finally get one. :jumping::jumping:

Dan :cheers:

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Hi all,

I'm still on vacation. No luck as far as awards on the trip so far... but I have been able to get a few goodies here and on Ebay. Here are my latest additions to the DDR collection courtesy of Andreas (photos used with his permission):

Cased Artur Becker Medal in brass with clasp:

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And last but not least:

Kollektiv der sozialistischen Arbeit

1 bestowal with complete box

2 bestowal with complete box

3 bestowal with complete box

5 bestowal with complete box

5 bestowal with year 1971 - 1975

Dan :cheers:

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Hi all,

Here's one of my latest... the Medal for Merit in Peoples Control in Gold (Medaille f?r Verdienste in der Volkskontrolle der DDR):

With luck I'll be able to finish the set some day. :beer:

Here's a couple of better pics I found on the web including the reverse:

Also, seems there's an earlier type:

Dan :cheers:

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Here's another addition... a cased Reservists medal in bronze. No biggie... except instead of being in the usual plastic case it's in one of the older style presentation cases. I don't remember seeing them in these. Does anyone know more about this. Also did they put each grade in the same type of case or is each case a different color?

I also just added another full set of these Reservist medals in bronze, silver and gold. Plus I have another bronze coming so I've no got at least three full sets plus this extra cased bronze. Funny thing is I never really thought much of these until I saw one in person. Guess I got hooked as just like my OGPW's they're breeding. :lol:

Dan :cheers:

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