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Spain - spanish medals


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Certainly, here's one : the Medal for the Widows of the Fallen. Awarded to widows (or the next-of-kin) of those that were killed in action in Russia (i.e. KIA of the Spanish Blue Division). Instituted on 18 July 1954, this medal could also be awarded to POW's on their return home and is quite likely a non-official award. The medal's reverse is blank.

If anyone has more information, feel free to share it !

I've also seen an example of this medal with a narrow "Rusia 1941" bar on its ribbon. Any information on the requirements for this bar would be welcome as well.




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I will show you some nice spanish medals. Have anybody something else?



I would love to see the complete group! Is it a Dutch or German group (looking at the ribbon and how the medals are put on top of it)

(and sorry, nothing Spanish in my collection)

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