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Kev in Deva

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Hallo Gents, :beer: first I have heard about this, true story or a spoof to sell replica helmets?,

the seller is out of China, his spiele goes:

"In the Second World War, the Chinese Army is the first one to use M35 helmets, even earlier than any German Military Forces. Because the World War already started in Asia when China went to fight against Jap in 1935 and the F?hrer decided to support China with German Military supplies. He sent German generals to China to help to setup and train and command 40 new grenadier divisions and Panzer Units. These troops equipments are all made in German: helmets(the first M35 helmets), rifles, uniforms and other supplies. That's why this helmet is here. (Very weird, actually the first German military personnel died in WW2 was a Chinese Panzer Unit's commanding officer in Shanghai, a German lieutenant, killed by Japs"

I took the liberty of copying the pictures from the site before they disapear.

The badge on the helmet looks like a stick-on-decal from a model plane kit ;)

Also the size of the chin strap to the fitting seems to be very thin and lightweight, the linner looks brandnew, and it dosent help that in one photo the liner retaining rivets have been removed.

Kevin in Deva :beer:

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The badge on the helmet looks like a stick-on-decal from a model plane kit

Also the size of the chin strap to the fitting seems to be very thin and lightweight, the linner looks brandnew, and it dosent help that in one photo the liner retaining rivets have been removed.

I think you answered your own question here Kev. The Chinese did use German helmets in WW2 but they were m16s and m35s purchased during the 20's and 30's. I don't know anything about german led panzer divisions in China :cheeky: , but there may have been a few advisors there. Once Germany aligned itself with Japan in WW2, they most likely would have been withdrawn. Kind of a tough spot, Allied with one country and advising their enemy. :unsure: The Chinese also bought Maxims, Mausers (Rifles and pistols)etc. during the above time frame.

Dan Murphy

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here is an original picture of a German helmettyp worn ich China. Found in an old German Newspaper, Ive forgoten the date.


<a href="http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/osu-32-jpg.html"><img src="" border=0></a>

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Hello Kev,

Just accidently bumped into your post here...Perhaps I can provide a little help...

Yes, it is absolutely true that the Chinese army/armed force did use german helmets during WW2.

Chang Kai Shek, the dictatorial leader of China prior 1949, who has placed order of 150'000

M35 steel helmets to the German in late 1936 ~ early 1937 and so as invited a small group

of German military advisor to ShangHai just before the Japanese invasion(13th Dec. 1937).

The initial order was 150'000 pcs, but only end up with 40'000 pcs were ever received.

Due to the agreement upon the axis alliance between both parties; the German and the Japanese.

Jap demanded that the German can no longer support/supply in any form of helps under any circumstances. Therefore the rest of balance has never delivered as promised after that 40K...

That 40k pcs of M35 helmets were only equipped the Chinese elite force--- The Central Army

Div.87, 88 & 13. Who were so called "Chang Kai Shek's private army" ! The Chinese version of

"Waffen SS" in WW2!

In taiwan, if I'm lucky enough, I could still find these "imported" Germen M35 with the nation emblem

double decals (as shown in your post, how they look like). Of course, in bloodly terrible condition...

rusted shell, rotten lining, and chinstrap.... Or no lining at all.

Estimated price around US$1500~3300 /ea. A truly rare stuff and extremely hard to get hold of.

Hope this IMHO will help ;)



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