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Brazilian medals display

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Hello Ricardo,

Very nice collection indeed !!!

Do you happen to have pictures of the following WW2 decorations ?

- Naval Cross (13 Dec. 1943)

- Medal for the Naval Force of the South (2 June 1954)



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A wonderful collection. These are pieces I would like to add to my collection. Also thank you for the very kind words.

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Ricardo, Fine looking collection! I have not seen Brazilian orders and medals before. They are beautiful and enamelled, I like all medals and orders that are enamelled. Thanks for sharing. :cool:

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another wonderfull medal of an unknown niche!!!

thanks to Ricky' picture of the order of the rose,

IPB Image

"Artistic" Pictures

I wondered about the what and how of this order

and guess what???

Another member of this club wrote a very fine essay about it, herr Andreas M. Schulze Ising!!!

:beer: to both of them

Herr Andreas, keep on going with the good work!!! So many clear and readable essays on the wonderfull orders and aspects of orders/decorations!!

Order of the Rose

Kind regards


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