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Baltenkreuz / Where are all the Baltic Crosses?

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Two very generic observations:

First, I have seen so many fakes since the 90s with screwplates marked Kortman that I won't consider buying an award or regimental badge so marked. Second, while there's not a good close-up of the Russian silver hallmark anywhere in the four photos, there's enough of it showing here and there for me to think that it's completely bogus. Fakers have been struggling with faking Russian hallmarks for years but if you have some basic familiarity with the originals, the "tells" are always there to see.


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Hi everybody!

Is this a Baltic Cross first class on the pictures attached? Any ideas on the item: fake or original one? It was found at the place of WW2 battle near Tsimla town, Khoroshevskaya village, South of Russia.




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my pet theory on these 830S marked variants is that they came from the area of northern germany (schleswig holstein area) as this "S" after the numerical content was utilized extensively throughout scandinavia. the border with denmark was fairly porous and it's easy for me to envision a kiel jeweler who had commercial interests and customers on both sides. the population shifted back and forth and the actual boundary was fairly static, so customs were somewhat interchangeable. perhaps this could be the same sort of hallmarking stipulation that one sometimes encounters with medals and badges imported/exported between austria and germany.


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Hi everybody !

Here I have a nice example (in my opinion) of a baltic cross, I think it's real, probably sold by Sedlaczek, but I'm not sure.. What do you think ??




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16 hours ago, Militarycross said:

Thank you, bolewts58. That's very helpful. One would assume that someone all those decades ago chose to use this ribbon because they couldn't source the proper one. 

I think it's more likely that this ribbon has been added relatively recently. It would not have been at all difficult to source a proper, original ribbon even as recently as the 1970s from a military supply store or tailor. One should remember that the Baltic Cross was available for purchase by Freikorps veterans well into the 1970s.


Even now, there's a large roll of original ribbon for sale on eBay Germany.

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Since it came with a bunch of stuff from a Canadian veteran, I suspect that the ribbon was what was on it back in 1944 or 45 when it was acquired. Matters not, we have it identified and that's the key piece. Thanks again for your help.

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