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Not mine, but on the market and something like ~60 awarded......... (The LS Cross, that is.... not that the BHL MK1 is nothing to sneeze at...)

Wow, that is a killer bar. Must have been quite old as they stopped awarding these in 1884...

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Lovely bar - is it yours? The 1934 honour cross is just a darker one, still "bronish". ;)

The last medal is a Siamese court merit medal(?). I love Siamese awards on German bars, but they're hardly ever seen. I think I saw that bar some years before - at C. Zeige's auction, Hamburg? The IInd to last medal is a Brunswick jubilee medal, non- or demi-official - at least it won't be found in Nimmergut's catalogue. I think it's the one with a scull on the back, a jubilee from about 1909 to a Brunswick unit?! Please correct me, I don't really know that one. The averse is very similar to the 1815 waterloo medal, but that would make no sense at all in a WWI group...

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Hello Saschaw:

The bar is mine, and you are absolutely correct about it being from a Zeige auction. I purchased both it and the bar in Post #120 from Zeige. You are also correct about the Peninsula 1809-1909 Centenary Medal (it's impossible to examine the reverse side in its entirety due to the tight mounting, but it does feature a Totenkopf). The Zeige description stated the last medal was Siamese, but I have no specific idea what it is. Any help identifying this medal would be greatly appreciated.


Though it may look black, the 14/18 Ehrenkreuz is just a very dark bronze. The bottom cross arm is tied to the ribbon. Consequently, I can't inspect it for a maker.


The legend on the horseshoe reads: Verein Ehem.Br.Husaren Sch?ppenstedt & Umg. I wish I knew the recipient's name, but I haven't a clue.

Thank you all for your interest and kind words.


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Hello epsomgreen,

Welcome to the forum and thank you for posting the outstanding pictures of your Brunswick pieces. I find your Henry the Lion first class star particularly interestng in that I have never seen such a piece produced by Rose before.

Incidentally, with regard to my post #136, thanks to Ramblinfarms there are much better images of one of these medals in post #66; I did not realize this until after I had posted #136

Since our thread seems to have touched on Brunswick?s involvement in the Peninsular Campaigns, I would like to take this opportunity to fill in a few gaps. In post #30, is an example of an example of a bronze cross for the 1809 campaign. These crosses were awarded in both silver and bronze. Now, there are two versions of this cross, one as awarded by Duke Wilhelm and a similar (the reverses are identical) one as awarded by Duke Carl. The one in post #30 is the Carl version while the one below is a very well worn Wilhelm version.

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Beyond this, medals were awarded for the 1810-1814 Campaigns in Spain and Portugal, or Peninsula. Like the 1809 crosses, there were not only silver and bronze classes but separate Wilhelm and Carl versions. Below is a silver Wilhelm medal.

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