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  1. I do hope you will post the book in its entirety, as most of the world's Frontiersmen do not have access to this history or information. These books are out of print, and usually cost a great deal to buy. It is a great peice of our history that, today, is sadly impossible to view for most Frontiersmen. EDIT: As far as I know there is no 'booklet' that have any of the pages from the pocketbook. It is rare and infact EXTREAMLY important in regards to the Legion's history and the fact someone writing a book on the Frontiersmen would disregard it as they did leads me to beleive this book will not be worth the paper its printed on. Just pages of photos of medal bars and insignia, with no actual historical discription, the criteria for awarding(perhaps not even the proper name.) or use. Nor any history regarding the practices and history of the Legion.
  2. Mervyn, Thank you for the welcome! To answer your question, As far as I know, there are Frontiersmen units of various size in the following Countries: England, Scotland, Wales, Northen Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and even the United States(So there ARE still loyalists!). I'm fairly sure there is a unit in Germany as well.
  3. That would be Capt(LF) Baker's unit who restored the Katikati Cemetry correct? It was her and her unit's restoration of the Cemetery which prompted our own unit to began researching for cemetries which have been neglected and to start restoration. In Scotland, Do you mean the C.C.F. within the 3rd Earl Kitchener's Own (Scots) mentioned in the NZ Journal? If so, it would be my unit who you read about as we are part of the Scottish Command.
  4. I can only speak for the Frontiermen in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We focus on cleaning up public paths and bike/hiking trails, food drives, the donation of bikes and childerns items durning the Holidays. We participate in poppy sales with the Royal Canadian Legion durning the fall and Durning the summer we have been working to restore small graveyards which over time have become forgotten and in ruin. We may not be large or well funded, but we do what we can in our community for our queen and country.