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  1. Hi folks. I wish to ask you what do you think about part of my collection. Best regards.
  2. Simon Gornowicz

    Part of my collection

    It's true. You are right. Very wise words. I say exactly the same. Socrates said one day: 'I know I don't know nothing'. It's important to be humble and dig the knowledge all life. You are very kind. Thank you so much. Simon
  3. Simon Gornowicz

    Part of my collection

    Thank you very much. I appreciate strongly such great and kind comment. I see I speak with an expert. Very good! I bought it from eMedals. I have also the certificate from them. So I believe it's from the war. But the fact is I have also a book of Stephan Previtera German Luftwaffe Badges. volume 2. And there are lot's of high quality pictures of many badges and valuable info's. Interesting is Previtera say that S&L wasn't in his opinion a maker of Paratrooper Badge. So that was strange for me. But eMedals is a very good supplier from other side. https://www.emedals.com/a-luftwaffe-paratrooper-badge-by-steinhauer-luck
  4. Simon Gornowicz

    Part of my collection

    That's interesting. Can you give me some info about that? Thank you.
  5. Simon Gornowicz

    Part of my collection

    Thank, mate. You're right. I never was fully sure is it original. Nice to speak with experts. My paratrooper badge is from Steinhauer und Lueck. I have certificate for that one. Just see my movie on YouTube. It's in polish but badge is very visible. I make comparison to the copy. Best regards. You are very kind. Simon
  6. Hello guys. I have such cross like you see below. I can't recognize what is it exactly. In my opinion is not official state cross but some kind of private or military organization cross. There is a phrase 'RITTER' visible and the date. If somebody can help me I will appreciate that. Best regards.
  7. Thank you very much. Nice to speak with expert. Really appreciate it. Best regards.
  8. Simon Gornowicz

    Part of my collection

    Yes, It's original, genuine. Nic to speak with expert. Best regards.
  9. Hello everybody. I'm looking for interesting people who love history and medals like me. I have some collection to sell also. And wish to ask for some info about one of the medal I have. Best regards.

  10. Hello, I'm new on this forum. I sign up years ago but now need to use it for knowledge nad business.